1917 / St. George Transition

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Due to high volume and to avoid delays, we cannot accommodate walk ins for medication after 4:00 pm. Social workers will be available for approval but medication will not be filled by the pharmacy until the next day.

Sadly, the St. George's Clinic at Cooper Green is closing on January 31, 2013. Since the 1917 Clinic is a Ryan White, Part C Grantee, it is our responsibility to accept patient referrals. We have a long history of providing quality care and support services to patients with HIV and are committed to meeting the medical needs of persons in the Birmingham region. Thus, we are expanding our program so that we may provide medical care and services to more people in our region. The 1917 Clinic recently expanded with the addition of six additional examination rooms. We are committed to preventing any disruption in care and have begun the transition process. Also, we have been in regular contact with Dr. Jane Mobley and Ms. Harriet Reed-Pickens of St. George's Clinic to coordinate transferring current patient records to the 1917 Clinic, while maintaining confidentiality and privacy. Dr. Mobley will join UAB and see some patients at the 1917 Clinic. Ms. Reed-Pickens is joining 1917 Clinic as well to help with the transition. 

Our doors are open and we welcome any and all patients of St. George's Clinic that choose to receive care from 1917. The 1917 Clinic providers want very much to provide your care, but our clinic may not be the best fit for everyone. Some patients may choose to explore entering treatment with other local providers. What is most important is that everyone finds a provider best suited for their particular needs. We encourage all to do this as quickly as possible so as to not interrupt care. In the coming weeks there will be town hall meetings at St. George's Clinic to discuss this transition and ask for input during this process. Our goal is to make sure every current St. George's patient knows the date of his/her next doctor's appointment before the closing of St. George's Clinic on January 31, 2013.

Changing healthcare providers can be difficult. The 1917 Clinic staff understands this and will work with Dr. Mobley and staff at St. George's Clinic to make this process as smooth as possible. The 1917 Clinic looks forward to speaking with, meeting, and having the opportunity to serve the patients of St. George's Clinic.


James L. Raper, DSN, CRNP, JD            E. Turner Overton, MD
Director 1917 Medical Director
Kathy Gaddis, MSW Ricky Dorsey
Coordinator, Social Services Patient Advisory Board Representative