1917 / St. George Transition - FAQ

1. How will I get an appointment at the 1917 Clinic?

     Based on your existing appointment at St. George, you will be contacted by Ashley Bartee or Harriet Reed-Pickens by phone or letter to schedule your first appointment at 1917 Clinic. Please be sure that you have signed a release of information and that St. George Clinic has your current phone number and address so we will be able to contact you. Your initial appointment will be an orientation appointment where you will meet with a member of the orientation team, have your labs drawn and schedule your first medical appointment.

2. Do I have to attend an orientation appointment?

     Yes. The orientation appointment is very important. We get important information, obtain labs, schedule your first medical appointment and give you information about how the clinic functions. All of this information will make your first medical appointment go more smoothly and be useful to you and your provider. Medical appointments are not scheduled without an orientation appointment.

3. Will my physician be the same?

     Most patients will get a new physician. Dr. Mobley will be in clinic 1 day a week and will not be able to see all of the former St. George Clinic patients. The 1917 Clinic is working to recruit additional medical providers. We will have a 6-month transition period as we work to become fully staffed. Patients will see an experienced 1917 Clinic Provider that will probably change by the end of the 6-month transition period.

4. Will my social worker be the same?

     Many patients will get a new social worker. At the 1917 Clinic, patients are assigned a medical team based on the medical provider. We hope to integrate the current St. George social workers so that patients get the best service possible.

5. When will my clinic be scheduled?
     Patients will initially be scheduled on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Dr. Mobley will have clinic every Thursday. Those who are not assigned to her clinic will be seeing other experienced 1917 Clinic providers during the 6-month transition period while we recruit permanent medical providers.

6. Will there be a night clinic?

     At this time, there will not be a night clinic. During the transition, clinic appointments for St. George patients will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. This may change over time.

7. How soon will my 1917 Clinic appointment be scheduled?

     The 1917 Clinic is making efforts to keep patients on their same schedule. For example, if you had an appointment at St. George Clinic in February, we will try to see you in February. If you are on a schedule to see a provider every 3 months, then we will maintain that schedule.

8. What if I can't come to my scheduled medical appointment?

     It is very important to come to your medical appointments regularly in order to have good health. If you can't make your appointment, please call (934-1917) as soon as you know that you are unable to come so your appointment slot can be given to another person and your appointment can be rescheduled as soon as possible. It will be very important to use every available appointment slot for patients who are able to attend their appointment. You can help by attending scheduled appointments and/or canceling as soon as you know you can't make your appointment.

9. What should I do if I get sick?

     When you are sick or not feeling well, you can call 934-1418, and ask for the "sick call nurse." When you call, a nurse will listen to your concerns and determine what to do. You may be given recommendations for self-care, or instructed to come to the clinic or go to one of UAB's Emergency Departments. Please to not come to the 1917 Clinic without calling. If you do, you can expect that the wait will be long, you will be disappointed and we do not want you to be discouraged. We want you to get what you need in the most efficient manner, which is by phone.

10. Can I come to the clinic if I do not have an appointment?
     This is strongly discouraged. As you are transitioning to the 1917 Clinic, you will be assigned a nurse and a social worker that you can contact if you need assistance. We will try to handle as much as possible over the phone. If your issue cannot be handled by phone, an appointment will be scheduled with your nurse or social worker.

11. What do I do if my prescription does not have any refills?

     You can call the "nurse refill line" at 934-9254. Please leave a message including your name, date of birth, the name of the medication(s) you need, the name and phone number of the pharmacy AND your phone number so we can contact you if we have questions. It will be very difficult to give prescription refills unless you have signed a medical release form and your records have been transferred to the 1917 Clinic. So, if you haven't already, sign a medical release from at St. George Clinic today! (or as soon as possible before 1/31/2013).

12. If I am on ADAP, how will I get my medicine?

     If you are on ADAP, your medicine will come to the 1917 Clinic Pharmacy. This will happen automatically if you have recertified during the most recent recertification (November 2012 through January 17, 2013). If you did not recertify, you will need to reapply for ADAP and a social worker will help with this process.

13. Will I have to pay for my medication?

     It depends. Every situation is patient specific. The social workers will assist you. Patients assistance program through the pharmaceutical companies are available for name brand medicine for patients who do not have insurance. If there is no patient assistance program, the medication may be generic and be inexpensive. The next step is to find out the cost of the medication. If you are unable to pay for your medication, you can meet with a social worker to discuss options. We work with other community resources like Birmingham AIDS Outreach to provide access to medications and assist with the cost of medication.

14. If I have insurance, how will I get my medicine?
     If you have Medicaid, you can get your medicine filled at any pharmacy. You will be responsible for your copays. If you can't afford your copays, you can speak with a social worker or contact Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO). BAO may be a resource to assist with the cost of medication copays.

     We recommend that if you have Medicare Part D or Private insurance that you obtain your medication from Healthstat Pharmacy which is a mail order pharmacy. Often times, depending on your income, copays are voided. Healthstat delivers medication to your home or a location selected by you. A social worker can help you enroll in Healthstat. Speak to your social worker at your first medical appointment. If you do not want to use Healthstat, you can use a pharmacy of your choice and you will be responsible for your copay. Birmingham AIDS Outreach may be a resource to assist with the cost of medication copays.

15. What are the 1917 Clinic Pharmacy hours?

     Our pharmacy is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

16. What types of insurance are accepted ?

     Most insurance plans are accepted at UAB. There are a few insurance companies that will not reimburse UAB for medical services because we are out of their Network. Aetna will not pay for services at UAB. The following Medicare HMO's, do not reimburse UAB for medical treatment; Humana Gold Plus, Secure Horizons and HealthSpring or Medicare Complete. If you have one of these insurances, we may be able to assist you in changing plans or refer you to another provider that will accept this insurance. Please discuss this during your orientation visit.

17. Will I get a meal voucher when I come to the 1917 Clinic?

     No, the 1917 Clinic does not have the resources to offer meal vouchers.

18. Will I get a gas voucher or bus ticket when I have a clinic appointment?
      The 1917 Clinic does not provide every patient with transportation assistance for medical appointments. Funds are used on patient specific circumstances and are not used for walk-in, unannounced visits. We encourage patients who have Alabama Medicaid to use the Medicaid non emergency transportation EBT cards. We refer patients to Birmingham AIDS Outreach for gas vouchers. Transportation assistance is sometimes given for medical appointments only. Since our funds are limited in this area, we ask that you utilize your personal resources before requesting assistance. We highly encourage patients to ride the Birmingham Metro.

19. Will the Monday support group continue?

     Yes. We understand that this has been a helpful resource and we plan on continuing this group.

20. What other support and educational opportunities does the 1917 Clinic offer?

     Heartsong @ 1917, a weekly spiritual support group, is held each Wednesday at 10:45 in Room 151, for more information call 205-975-9103. The Patient Advisory Board offers monthly Lunch and Learn Series on the 3rd Monday of each month, for more information call 205-975-9129. The CompSAT group meets weekly for patients receiving substance abuse counseling at 1917 Clinic.

We know that the next six months may be a challenging. The transition may be frustrating at times. However, we pledge to make it as smooth as possible. We want the 1917 Clinic to be a place that you can come and know that you will receive excellent medical care with kindness and compassion. For those of you who decide to come to the 1917 Clinic, we appreciate your vote of confidence and your patience as we move through this process together.