The UAB Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging works to create opportunities for donors to make meaningful gifts in support of our efforts to “add life to years.”

Partners in that effort include the Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging Board of Advocacy, the Community Advisory Committee, and other friends throughout the community.

For information on how to make a gift to the Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging, please contact Megann Bates Cain, Director of Development for the UAB Department of Medicine, at (205) 934-7408; via e-mail at; or via regular mail at:

1808 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-0012

We will be happy to send materials or set a time for a meeting or visit.

There are several options for making a gift:

  • Cash: Cash gifts have the advantage of providing immediate benefits to the institution. The actual cost to the donor may be reduced by tax savings achieved through a charitable contribution deduction.
  • Pledges: UAB is pleased to receive pledges payable over a period of up to five years. Pledges may be paid in equal or varying amounts, according to the donor’s wishes or convenience.
  • Appreciated Marketable Securities: Giving appreciated securities may have special tax advantages. Within limitations, the donor may avoid the capital gains tax and be eligible for a charitable deduction for the full market value of such securities at the time of the gift. Contributions in excess of the limitations may be eligible for carryover to future tax years. Here are the instructions for making a gift of stock.
  • Real Estate and Personal Property: Gifts of real estate and other personal property generally have the advantages described for gifts or securities, provided the property is a long-term capital asset in the hands of the donor. The donor’s qualified appraiser must determine fair market value for income tax purposes.

Deferred or Planned Gifts

A donor may wish to consider making a deferred or planned gift to UAB through a number of plans, including the following:

  • Life Insurance: By assigning ownership of an existing life insurance policy to UAB, a donor may qualify for an initial deduction approximately equal to the current cash value of the policy, and also may be able to deduct subsequent contributions to UAB that may be used for premium payments.
  • Life Income Gifts: Securities, money, or property may be irrevocably transferred to UAB with a provision that periodic income payments may be made for life to the donor or to someone named by the donor. After payments to the beneficiary or beneficiaries have ended, UAB uses the funds remaining in the trust for the purpose designated by the donor.
  • Bequests: A benefactor may leave an outright testamentary bequest in cash to UAB or provide income for one or more individuals through a testamentary trust. UAB may also be named as the beneficiary of a residuary or a conditional bequest. (Expert legal advice is recommended.)

UAB will be happy to provide further information about these or other charitable arrangements to fit a donor’s individual financial situation and charitable objectives. Because aspects of some giving methods are highly technical or subject to different tax consequences based upon the donor’s individual circumstances, UAB encourages a potential donor to consult with an attorney, accountant, or other qualified advisor. UAB welcomes the opportunity to work with these professionals to accomplish a donor’s objectives.

As both a benefactor and investor in UAB, a donor has a right to know how contributions are used by the University. We fully accept that principle and will continue to make periodic reports, at least annually, of the use of private funds.