We are pleased to announce that our partner, AQAF, the Alabama Medicare Quality Improvement Organization, has been awarded a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) Award to reduce readmissions of nursing home residents in Alabama. Dr. Clare Hays of the Division will be providing medical directorship for this initiative with support of several other UAB faculty including Drs, Cynthia Brown, Anne Halli-Tierney, Laurel Kilpatrick, and Heather Herrington. Congratulations!

Dr. Julie Locher has received a five-year, K07 Academic Career Leadership Award from the National Institutes of Health entitled, “Translational Nutrition and Aging Research Academic Career Leadership Award.” This $583,125 grant will enable her to develop a sustainable Program in Translational Nutrition and Aging based at UAB and in partnership with organizations and individuals within the state of Alabama who have an interest in collaborating on nutrition and aging research initiatives. Concurrently, Dr. Locher will assume an expanded leadership role in the Center for Aging as Associate Director for the new Translational Nutrition and Aging Research Program.

Specific aims for the program are to: 1) provide leadership, core faculty, and resources that support innovative, integrated, interdisciplinary, clinical, behavioral, and policy-related collaborations focused on translational nutrition and aging research; 2) provide high quality educational experiences related to translational nutrition and aging research for pre-doctoral trainees, post-doctoral fellows, junior and transitional faculty, and community stakeholders, including policy makers and the geriatric workforce; and 3) identify gaps in the current evidence base, address methodological issues, and set priorities for translational nutrition and aging research.