Matalon Sadis copy 2The main goal of the Division of Molecular and Translational Biomedicine is to foster the development of highly innovative research programs, spanning from the bench to the bedside and to the population, which will generate new knowledge, benefit patient care, complement clinical training of residents and fellows, and help launch the careers of new faculty. Members of the Research Division work closely with each other as well as faculty in other School of Medicine Departments and Schools to enhance the strategic goals of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In addition, members of the research division worked closely with Dr. Susan Black, Director of the Residency Program, and Dr. Keith A. (Tony) Jones, Chairman of the Department of the Anesthesiology, to establish the highly successful Resident Academic Career Development Program (RACD) and Resident Mentored Research Experience Track (RMRET), which promote the development of academic anesthesiologists and enables residents to participate in research projects.  

Major areas of research include:

  • Acute Lung Injury and Repair;
  • Trauma with a special emphasis of coagulation;
  • Basic Mechanisms of bladder hyperalgesia and mitigation of interstitial cystitis; and
  • Outcomes research with an emphasis on the Surgical Home.

Sadis Matalon, Ph.D., Dr.Sc. (Hon.)
Distinguished Professor and Alice McNeal Endowed Chair of Anesthesiology
Vice Chair for Research
UAB Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Active Research Projects

  • Involvement of inflammatory mediators and coagulation to the pathophysiology of acute lung injury and adult respiratory distress syndrome (Dr. Jean-Francois Pittet, Dr. Brant Wagener, Dr. Sadis Matalon)
  • Basic mechanisms of coagulation abnormalities after severe trauma-hemorrhage (Dr. Jean-Francois Pittet, Dr. Brant Wagener)
  • Basic and translational studies on antioxidant supplementation in the prevention and mitigation of lung injury (Dr. Sadis Matalon, Dr. Jean-Francois Pittet)
  • Basic mechanisms of acute lung injury induced by pathogenic bacteria (Dr. Sadis Matalon, Dr. Jean-Francois Pittet)
  • Bladder hyperalgesia and mitigation of interstitial cystitis (Dr. Timothy Ness, Dr. Meredith Robbins)
  • Regulation of endothelial permeability by inflammatory mediators (Dr. Judy Creighton)
  • Assessment of  sensory perception by functional magnetic resonance imaging (Dr. Michael Froelich)
  • Predictors of health related quality of life in pediatric pain (Dr. Thomas Vetter)
  • Outcomes research with a special emphasis on assessing the effectiveness of the Surgical Home (Dr. Thomas Vetter, Dr. Arthur Boudreaux, Dr. Jean-Francois Pittet and Dr. Keith A. (Tony) Jones)
  • Ventilator induced lung injury to distal organs (Dr. Mali Mathru)
  • Effects of anesthetics on natural killer cells (Dr. Keith A. (Tony) Jones)

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