The Battito award was established by Dr. David Chestnut to honor the memory of Michael F. Battito, M.D., who died unexpectedly on December 4, 2002. Dr. Battito, a graduate of our residency program, was a member of the faculty at the time of his death. 

The purpose of the Battito Award is to give recognition to individuals who typically do not receive adequate recognition for their contributions to the department. Any departmental employee may be nominated for the award (e.g., faculty, resident, CRNA, secretary, technical support staff, research assistant, others).  The Battito Award is awarded annually.

Previous recipients of the award include the following:

Noah Crum, Information Systems Specialist II

Robert Pewitt, C.R.N.A.

Kamara Savage
Timothy Ness, M.D.

D. Barry Shaw, M.D.

Dawn Bulgarella

Donna Guevara
Cindy Louderback 
R. Gilbert Ritchie, Ph.D.

Steve Green 
Jeremy Newton, C.R.N.A.