R_ParkInterviews are conducted on the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus from October through February.  We expect to fill 180 interview opportunities.

The evening prior to the interview, applicants will be taken to dinner by current residents. This allows applicants to get to know some of our residents and get many questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere. Applicants are welcome to bring a guest to this dinner.

The interview day starts with breakfast at the hotel with one of our residents who will accompany the applicants to the hospital. Applicants will meet with the Program Director, several faculty, and additional residents over the course of the day.  In addition, applicants visit our facilities and have an informal lunch with residents.

The goal of the interview day is for the applicants to learn as much about our residency program as possible and for us to get to know the applicants.  Choice of a training program is one of the most important decisions made in medical school. We believe that the best result for both applicants and programs comes when applicants have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Following your interview, please feel free to contact anyone you met during your visit if further questions arise. We are happy to hear from you. 

Faculty and residents play an active role in the resident selection process. All aspects of the application, transcripts, letters of recommendation, Dean's letter and interview are carefully reviewed and considered in formulating our rank list.