The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) encourages residents to consider and pursue a career in academic medicine. The goal of the UAB Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Academic Career Development Program is to attract excellent candidates into our residency program who desire to become academic anesthesiologists and productive physician-scientists. The Scholarship will also help support these residents during the formative years of their training. 

The successful applicant will have had previous significant research experience to have made the determination that they are highly interested in a career in academics. The ideal candidate might have previous postgraduate training and experience in research, peer-reviewed publication(s) one of which the candidate is first or second author, or a Ph.D. degree.

As many as two incoming residents per year shall be appointed to the three-year Anesthesiology Academic Career Development Program. The Research Scholarship will begin at the start of the recipient's anesthesiology residency training at UAB (PGY2).  This is contingent upon satisfactory progress toward the program goals during each academic year as determined by the Resident Academic Career Development Committee. Each Scholar will receive $10,000 per year salary supplement for three consecutive years. This is contingent upon the successful completion of each stage of the Academic Career Development Program as defined in the Academic Career Development Timeline. The Scholarship payments will be independent of the normal PGY salary.

Pending satisfactory clinical and academic progress, as well as successful fulfillment of licensure, credentialing, and regulatory requirements, it is anticipated (but not guaranteed) that the Department Chair will recommend appointment of the Research Scholar to the UAB Anesthesiology faculty following the completion of residency training. The Scholar will then be expected to serve as a faculty member in the Department of Anesthesiology for at least two years and perform research in the basic or clinical sciences as well as appropriate clinical and educational duties. This commitment will be satisfied by two years of service as a member of the faculty of the UAB Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. Scholars who opt not to complete their residency training or two year post residency commitment will be expected to pay back a pro rata portion of the Scholarship Funds.

Applications for this program will be accepted following release of the NRMP results. Candidates who wish to apply for an Academic Career Development Award should send the following directly to the Office of the Department Chair.

  • Description of research background and experience
  • Description of research you plan to pursue and why you have identified this area of research
  • Description of your career goals and objectives
  • Two letters of reference that specifically address the applicant’s potential for success in research


These materials must be submitted by December 31 of your PGY1 year.

It should be emphasized that the eligibility for a UAB Anesthesiology Academic Career Development Award depends on the applicant first obtaining a position in the UAB Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Residency Program. The Anesthesiology Academic Career Development Program is not offered as an independent program outside of the UAB Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Residency Training Program.

Application materials should be forwarded to:

Keith A. (Tony) Jones, M.D
Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

University of Alabama at Birmingham
619 South 19th Street, J T807 
Birmingham, Alabama 35249-6810

The UAB Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Applications for these scholarships from minorities and women are encouraged.