UAB Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine residents have active roles beyond the clinical and educational arena both in the department, institution, nationally, and internationally.  Residents represent their peers and our department on departmental and institutional committees, national organizations, and on international mission trips.

Departmental Committees

Education Committee:  This committee oversees all educational activities.  It is composed of the Vice Chair for Education/Program Director, faculty representing all educational modules and 2 residents from each year of training.

Quality and Patient Safety Committee:  This committee is responsible for insuring that we provide the highest quality care to our patients.  In doing so it reviews current practice and makes recommendations for improvements, then monitors those changes.  The committee is composed of the Vice Chair for Quality and Patient Safety, Vice Chair for Education, Chief Financial Officer, Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee, Vice Chair for Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, Chair Clinical Practice Committee, and 2 resident representatives.

Resident Recruitment Committee:  This committee is responsible for reviewing applicants to the residency program, interviewing those candidates, and developing the match list.  It is composed of the Vice Chair for Education/Program Director, Associate Program Directors, faculty from all areas of the department, Co-Chairs of the Resident Committee for Recruitment, and the Chief Residents.  The Resident Committee for Recruitment is a resident run committee composed of residents who have volunteered to review applications, assist with interviews, and contribute to resident selection.

Institutional Committees

House Staff Council:  The governing body of the house staff is the House Staff Council, which serves as a resident advocate, voice, and liaison throughout the hospital, university and community, and provides resident representation as it pertains to university affairs and graduate medical education issues.  The Department of Anesthesiology has three resident members to the House Staff Council. 

Dean's Council for Graduate Resident Education:  This council is responsible for the oversight of Graduate Medical Education in the University of Alabama system.  Its membership consists primarily of Program Directors, Program Coordinators, representatives of the hospital system, representatives from the Chief of Staff's office, and resident representatives.  Currently an anesthesiology resident serves on this council.

UAB Quality Council:  This group has a similar function at an institutional level as the departmental Quality and Patient Safety Committee.  There is limited resident membership, including one anesthesiology resident.

National Organizations

American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA):  UAB has two resident representatives to the Resident Delegation.  The department and Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists help support their attendance at both the Annual ASA meeting and the Annual ASA Legislative Conference.

Foundation for Anesthesiology Education and Research:  Since 2002 a UAB anesthesiology resident has been awarded a Resident Scholarship for attendance to the ASA Annual Meeting each year.  Scholars include Mitch Engle, MD PhD, Jack Crawford, MD PhD, Douglas Constant, MD, Jennifer Badia, MD, Jennifer Higgins, MD, Patrick Odom, MD, Jeffrey Manning, MD, and Emory Swenson, MD.

International Missions

Over the last ten years UAB anesthesiology residents have accompanied our faculty on medical mission trips to Ecuador.  Since 2002, 19 residents have participated in these trips.   This experience has been rewarding in terms not only of service to those in greatest need, but also in providing a valuable educational experience in a health care system different from our own.  A number of residents who participated in this mission have gone on to establish their own medical missions.