Maurice Albin sqcr

Maurice Albin, MD

Clinical Subspecialty and Area(s) of Interest

  • Neurosurgical Anesthesia
  • Neuroscience Research

Education and Degrees

  • Washington Square College, New York University, B.A., 1952
  • National Autonomous University School of Medicine,  Medical Doctor, 1957
  • Internship - University of Chicago Clinics, 1958-1959
  • Mayo Clinic - Anesthesia Residency and Neuroanesthesia Fellowship, 1959-1961 
  • Mayo Clinic and University of Minnesota, M.Sc (Anesthesia), 1964

Awards and Honors

  • David Little Award, Anesthesia History Association
  • Founders Plaque, Society of Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Critical Care
  • Medal of Honor, University of Carabobo and the Order of Alejo Zuluaga for "Contribution to the Betterment of Anesthesiology in Venezuela
  • Lewis Wright Memorial Lecture, ASA-Wood Library Museum

Professional Societies

  • American Medical Association
  • International Anesthesia Research Society
  • American Academy of Neurology
  • Society of Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Critical Care
  • Anesthesia History Association
  • Society for Critical Care Medicine
  • American Association for the History of Medicine

Recent Publications

    • Albin, MS.  A new academic venture in studying the history of anesthesia.  Bull Anesth Hist. 21(1):1-5, 2003
    • Albin MS, Bunegin L. The insidiousness of brain retractor pressure: another "Smoking gun"? Anesth Analg. 2003 Jan;96(1):306; author reply 306-7
    • Albin, MS, Sim P. Oliver Wendell Holmes, M.D., 1809-1894, Poet, physician and anesthesia advocate, ASA Newsletter. 68:8-23, 2004
    • Albin MS. From There to modernity: A millennium of progress in a century.  ASA Newsletter 2005; 69: 5-7, 11
    • Wills J, Schwend RM, Paterson A, Albin MS. Intraoperative visible bubbling of air may be the first sign of venous air embolism during posterior surgery for scoliosis. Spine. 2005 Oct 15;30(20):E629-35
    • Albin MS, Wills J, Schwend RM. Patent foramen ovale and unexplained stroke.  N Engl J Med. 2006 Apr 20;354(16):1753-5
    • Albin MS: Air embolism during spine surgery in the prone position.  APSF Newsletter. 21:87, 2007
    • Albin MS:  Truly unsung heroes.  ASA Newsletter, 2007; 71: 21,36.
    • Albin MS: The "Big Three" were not only roosevelt, Churchhill and Stalin.  ASA Newsletter, 2007; 71:22
    • White RJ, Albin MS. Spinal Cord Trauma.  J Am Coll Surg., 2007, Sept; 205 (3) 520-1;author reply 521-3.
    • Albin MS: Mission not yet accomplished! SNACC Newsletter Winter 2008: p 1-3
    • Albin MS:  Succumbing to a Devil's Brew. ASA Newsletter, 2008; 72: 25-26
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    • Albin MS: Can we add a name and call it Semmelweis-Holmes Syndrome?  Amer Soc of Anes Newsletter, December 2010: Vol 74(12): 61
    • Albin MS, White RJ.  Spinal Cord Hypothermia.  Letter to the Editor.  Neurosurgery, 2011: 68:E284-E286.