nuclear                 spectrin               PDE 4D4               merge

Fluorescent images of lung tissue taken with a NikonTi85  microscope. The second and third row of each panel are close-up sections taken from the top row (indicated in the boxes). Blue, nuclear stain. Red, fluorescent tagged antibody to non-erythroid spectrin. Green, fluorescent tagged antibody to type 4D4 phosphodiesterase. Merge, overlay of the different images. 

AMPK Activation Using AICAR Restores
LPS Inhibited Endothelial Monolayer Resealing


Rate of gap resealing is given in microns/sec. Velocity determined using time lapse video microscopy and Nikon Instruments moving object software. Control velocity 6.63 x 10-3+/- 0.46 x 10-3 µm/s, LPS velocity 4.44 x 10-3 +/- 1.22 x 10-3 µm/s, LPS + AICAR velocity 7.30 x 10-3 +/- 1.41 x 10-3 µm/s.