Located in UAB's Biomedical Research Building II (BMRII), the Creighton Lab is an 800 sq. ft. contiguous laboratory space. Within the laboratory are cell isolation and culture facilities, a dedicated microscope room, a rodent surgical suite, and separate room for recombinant DNA work.

Techniques we use in the lab:

    • Cell isolation, characterization, and culture – special focus on endothelial cells. We work with cells from humans, rats, mice, knockout animals,  and disease models.
    • Environmentally regulated cell studies: light and fluorescence microscopy
    • Microscopy: fluorescent, video, time lapse, histological
    • Permeabilit: Ohm measurements, and labeled tracers
    • Protein and Molecular Biology: PCR, Westerns, ELISA
    • Spectroscopy: absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, FACs
    • Electric Cell Impedance Sensing (ECIS): resistance and capacitance determined under static and flow conditions
    • Surgical: lung physiology-PCO2, PO2, Kf,  pH, compliance
    • Histology: specimen preparation, staining , immunohistochemistry
    • Genetics: adenoviral, retroviral, and lentiviral  mediated  protein overexpression, chimera (fusion) proteins,  and knock down (shRNA) . Stable transfections.