Located in Biomedical Research Building II (BMR II), the Matalon Lab research facilities include:

  • Two interconnected laboratories (810 sq. ft. each; BMR II 242 and 247), divided into bays. Each laboratory contains five desks with internet connections for research associates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.
  • The first laboratory (810 sq. ft.) is designated for cell isolation, biochemical and molecular biology studies.
  • A secluded area of this laboratory has been designated for molecular biology experiments (generation of cRNAs/cDNAs).
  • Another area of this laboratory has been designated for Western blotting, SDS PAGE, immunoprecipitation and in vitro phosphorylation studies.
  • The second laboratory (810 sq. ft) is designated for the isolation of lung epithelial cells from mice and rats, and for the measurements of fluid reabsorption across the alveolar epithelium in vivo and confluent monolayers of epithelial cells mounted in Ussing chamber.
  • A 150 sq. ft. electrically shielded room housing a patch-clamp rig for patching isolated epithelial cells in the whole cell and cell attached modes and a recently constructed patch clamp rig for patching epithelial cells in lung slices.
  • A 200 sq. ft. laboratory housing all equipment for the isolation of oocytes from Xenopus laevis injecting them with cRNAs and for the recording whole cell and single channel currents across them.
  • A 200 sq. ft. laboratory equipped with a Biosafety Level II hood, housing all necessary equipment for delivering aerosolized agents (ascorbate, beta 2 agonists) to mice and rats.