All students accepted into BSB program receive a competitive annual stipend and fully paid tuition and fees. Single coverage health insurance is also provided.

The current annual stipend for the academic year is $26,000. The total annual award value, including stipend, tuition, fees and health insurance is approximately $38,000. Stipends are reviewed and updated regularly.

First-year students are funded through their entry programs by Graduate School fellowships and occasionally by other national and University fellowships. In subsequent years, students are supported through their advisor's research grants, institutional funds or training grants.

For additional information, please contact the BSB Office or visit our website:

Ms. Dianne Vickers
Program Coordinator II
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Biochemistry & Structural Biology Graduate Program
720 20th Street South, Kaul 540
Birmingham, AL 35294-0024
Tel: 205.934.0580
Fax: 205.975.2188
email:; website:

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