The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Graduate Program is now called the Biochemistry and Structural Biology Graduate Program (BSB). Students may apply directly to the BSB program at or by applying through the Graduate Biomedical Sciences Program (GBS) at

The Biochemistry and Structural Biology Graduate Program at UAB is dedicated to a broad range of research from molecular genetics and stem cell biology to protein crystallography. Biochemistry and Structural Biology (BSB) trains students to design and execute experiments to answer mechanistic questions in a broad range of disciplines including stem cell biology, epigenetics, metabolism and gene regulation. Students of BSB faculty publish papers in the highest quality, peer-reviewed journals and successfully compete for postdoctoral positions at other premier academic institutions and companies around the world.

In addition to the faculty listed in our program, Principal Investigators from the newly established UAB Stem Cell Institute will be primary members of BSB starting in 2010. These new faculty will focus on understanding the mechanisms involved in stem cell self-renewal and lineage specification and the mechanisms involved in somatic cell reprogramming into pluripotent stem cells. One focus of the Institute will be to translate the understanding of basic mechanisms into clinical applications. The close interactions of basic and clinical scientists in the program and throughout the UAB Medical Center provide unique opportunities to develop new therapies for inherited and acquired human disorders.

Please apply now to pursue graduate studies in our BSB Program. We are interested in students who are both creative and diligent. If you are intensely interested in learning and hard work, we want you in BSB. We hope that you will visit our BSB website at