Fermentors: We have 4 fermentors with working volumes of 5-15 liters, 40-60 liters, 30-100 liters and 100-375 liters.
All fermentors are sterilizable in place and are equipped to monitor and control pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and
foaming. All fermentors can be equipped with computer-controlled pumps for nutrient feeding.

Tissue Culture:
We have a dedicated room with a 6 ft biological safety hood and 4 incubators. We have eight 3 liter spinner flasks with stir plates for suspension adapted cells as well as various T-flasks for anchorage dependent cells. We have extensive experience with HeLa S3's and adenoviral vectors in 293 cells.
tculture spinners

Cell Harvesting and Protein Concentration: Two continuous-flow centrifuges (2 and 21 lpm); Three tangential flow filtration units; Two batch centrifuges; Continuous-flow french press for cell rupture.

Analysis and Purification: Liquid Chromatography; Spectrophotometer; and Gel electrophoresis.

Other: Incubator; Incubator/Shaker; Autoclave; Low-temperature freezer; Cold cabinet and walk in cold room for large scale chromotography.

Additional resources are available through the UAB School of Medicine core facilities.