Services include custom production of bacterial, animal and plant cells that require physical containment levels up to BSL2 and purification of their products.

    • Microbial growth
      Flask up to 375 liters
      Aerobic, facultative anaerobic or thermophilic bacteria
      Separation from culture liquid by filtration or centrifugation
      Disruption of cells by french press or sonication
      Separation of cellular debris.

    • Tissue culture
      T-flasks (up to 40 x T175)
      Spinner flasks (up to 8 x 3 liters)

    • Bioprocessing of protein and non-protein biological products including:
      fractional precipitation
      column chromatography
      buffer exchange
      small scale solvent extractions
    • Product development including all of the above procedures

    • Analytical techniques including:
Protein electrophoresis
DNA electrophoresis
Enzyme assays
Microbial counts
  • Private consulting is available


All operations in the Fermentation Facility meet standards approved by the UAB Biosafety Committee and are supervised by facility personnel to ensure user and environmental safety.