The innovative clinical research & procedural research in the Section of Interventional Cardiology focuses on therapeutics evaluation for both vascular and structural heart disease. This includes single center, multi-center, and database studies, and extensive multidisciplinary collaborations.

Section Chief
Massoud Leesar, MD


Oluseun O. Alli, MD
Brigitta Brott, MD
Massoud Leesar, MD
Silvio Papapietro, MD
Mark Sasse, MD

Patient Care

UAB Heart & Vascular Center
Interventional Cardiac Care Unit (ICVU)
Cardiac Procedures

Fellowship Training

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship
Cardiac Catheterization Rotation
UAB Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
BVAMC Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory


Interventional Cardiology Research Program


Cardiac Catheterization Conference
Tuesdays, 12 Noon (alternate weeks)
Lyons-Harrison Research Building (LHRB) 302

Cardiology Fellows present interesting cases from the University or VA cardiac catheterization laboratories. Emphasis in this conference is on hemodynamics including assessment of valvular lesions, evaluation of shunts, evaluation of pericardial disease and cardiomyopathies, and intracoronary hemodynamics. All Cardiology Fellows are required to attend the conference. Interaction between the fellows and the diagnostic and interventional cardiology attending physicians is encouraged. Fellows and attending physicians are encouraged to submit interesting cases in these or similar topic areas.
These conferences have a case-based patient management format.

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