The following services are provided to physicians in the UAB Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program:
Cardiovascular Resident Office Suite

Computer Support
Copies and Presentation Materials
Medical Records
Reference Materials

Cardiovascular Resident Office Suite

Office space has been made available for each Cardiology Fellow in the Lyons Harrison Research Building, rooms 308, 309, 311 and 313. The office is equipped with two personal computers which are connected to the Division of Cardiovascular Disease computer network.

Computer Support

Division of Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiology Fellows have password protected access to The Division of Cardiovascular Disease computer network. Two PC’s are located in the fellows’ office suite and provide access to email (Groupwise Software), Internet, and the online resources of the Lister Hill Library which include an online catalog, electronic full text journal access, and links to various search engines. Microsoft Office is installed on both computers and available for word-processing, data analysis, and creation of PowerPoint slides and overheads.

Fellows are required to check their email daily, since many announcements, some of which may be time-sensitive, are distributed through the Division via email. The Division also has several full-time computer specialists available to help with computer software and hardware problems. If a trainee has any computer-related problems, he or she should contact Lindsey Tauxe (UAB paging or via email).
The cardiology computer network is HIPAA compliant. Emails with patient health information may be sent from Groupwise to Groupwise server to facilitate communication within the Medical Center. Emails to patients or referring physicians outside the UAB system are prohibited by HIPAA regulations. All fellows have to undergo HIPAA training upon enrollment in the fellowship program and access to the cardiology server will be contingent on successful completion of this training.


UAB Hospital and The Kirklin Clinic
Medical records are available through several computerized data retrieval systems.
Access is contingent on successful completion of HIPAA training.
  • The PIN system can be accessed from terminals on the hospital units. An individual password is required and should be kept confidential. Patient data, including all laboratory reports and many radiology test results are available on PIN. Doctor's orders are placed directly into the PIN system. To save time, Cardiology Fellows should consider using the pre-written order sets.
  • CDA and IPV can be accessed from terminals throughout the hospital and from selected on campus and off campus computers. Use of a VPN dialer may be necessary from various locations. Records available on this system include
  • hospital discharge summaries
  • radiology reports
  • laboratory data
  • clinic notes
  • stress test reports,
  • An individual password is required and must be kept confidential.
  • High resolution viewing terminals are placed at strategic locations throughout the hospital which permit viewing of digital radiographs. Access occurs via IPV.


Divisional Records
Fast Find, a resource within the Division, contains cath reports, echo reports, and clinic notes generated by the UAB Heart Failure Group and selected other attendings. Fast Find can be accessed via a secure website and requires use of a password.


Copies & Presentation Materials

Office copiers are available to Cardiology Fellows on the 3rd floor of THT and the 3rd floor of LHRB. Copying codes are available from the Office Administrator, Alicia Farley, at (205) 975-3624.

Slides and overheads can be created using PowerPoint software on the two PC’s in the Cardiology Fellows’ office suite. Sheets for overhead production are available in the Program Office.

Posters for research presentations should be created on PowerPoint and can be imaged on hard-copy by web-based suppliers. Funding for these posters should be arranged through the research mentor whenever possible. General Division resources are generally not available, but special requests can be made to the Division Director, Dr. Prabhu.



The Lister Hill Library is the main medical library for UAB and is located a few blocks from the BVAMC and University Hospital, next to Volker Hall. The Library maintains a large collection of books, journals, audiovisual materials, and, increasingly, online resources.
Catalogs are computerized and the library provides free access to Medline, other relevant databases, full-text retrieval sites, and on-line textbooks. Access to these resources is via Blazer ID, a university wide password system.

The Lister Hill Extension Library is a branch office of the Lister Hill Library located within University Hospital. This branch maintains a collection of key textbooks, provides access to recent key journals, provides computer access for literature searching, and has facilities for study and copying of materials. The library is accessible 24 hours per day with a numerical access code.

The Hefner Library and Reeves Library are cardiovascular subspecialty libraries located in the Tinsley Harrison Tower and Lyons Harrison Research Building, respectively. The libraries provide access to current and past issues of key cardiovascular journals and are accessible 24 hours per day.


Medical Records

This information is in revision.



Local calls
Local calls can be placed from any UAB phone by dialing 9 and the phone number.

Long distance calls within Alabama
Fellows must use the WATTS line for these calls: 8-1-Alabama area code – phone number

Long distance calls outside Alabama
These business calls (to other physicians or to patients) should be placed through the UAB's Medical Information Service via Telephone (MIST) system. The MIST operator can be accessed by Cardiology Fellows by dialing 4-6478 from any campus phone or by dialing 205-934-6478 from any phone outside campus.

Operators will assist in locating referring physicians Incoming calls from referring physicians: Physicians calling into UAB can contact the MIST office by dialing 1-800-822-6478 (1-800-UAB-MIST). Incoming MIST calls generally involve referral of patients to the Cardiology Service from outside UAB and should be handled by the admitting ward attending during the day and the attending physician on call at night. Fellows who are contacted for a referral cannot accept patient transfers without discussion with the admitting attending, but should assist the referring physician in finding the appropriate attending.

Personal long-distance calls should be charged to each individual’s credit card.


Reference Materials

Reference materials are available in a variety of formats in:
  • Cardiology Fellows’ office
  • Hefner and Reeves Libraries
  • Lister Hill Extension library (24 hour access available)
  • online through Lister Hill library
  • websites of professional organizations

Available hard-copy materials in the office include
  • common textbooks of cardiovascular disease
  • Mayo Clinic videotape collections on transthoracic and transesophageal
  • echocardiography
  • Mayo Clinic Board Review text
  • ACC self-assessment programs ar

Fellows monitor the content of the library and request additions / replacements as indicated. Requests have to be approved by the Program Director before additional purchases are made.

Based on Fellow recommendations, reserved file space was allocated on the cardiology server for the Fellows’ Electronic Library. Fellows are required to
save a copy of their conference Powerpoint presentations on the server and are encouraged to also attach relevant pdf files from their literature searches. This presentation repository with reference files can be used by fellows and faculty for self-learning and slides can be used for future presentations within and outside the Division.