Note: the following directions are for OS X 10.5 and higher.  This copier is not compatible with versions of OS X prior to 10.5.  You can check your OS X version by pulling down the Apple menu at the top left of your screen, and choosing "About this Mac" or "About this Computer."

You can click on any screenshot to see a larger version.  (Some messages/boxes may appear slightly different on your computer.)

Please NOTE: Installing the printer is a two step process; please be sure you complete all of the instructions on this page, or the printer will NOT work!  (Shortcut to step 2)



Download the installer from by clicking the appropriate link below:

ss-1  Click "Accept" at the License Agreement screen.

A "Xerox Print Driver" file will download to your computer. This may take several minutes, depending on your connection speed. When the download is complete, double-click the file to mount the drive on your desktop.

ss-2 Open the disk image and double-click the Xerox Print Driver "package" file.
ss-3  Click "Continue" at the permission prompt, and "Continue" again at the introductory screen. 
ss-4 Click "Continue" on the license screen, then click "Agree."
ss-5 Click "Install."  Enter your Mac username / password if prompted.

On the "Select Printer" screen, click the "Manual Discovery" icon at top right.

In the "IP Address or DNS Name" box, type the appropriate IP address for the printer you wish to install:

  • MCLM 681:
  • MCLM 978:
  • THT 934:

Click Continue.


UNcheck the boxes for setting printer as default (unless you prefer that option) and print test page.

Click Continue, and then Close.

Now, continue with step 2 below.



Open Safari, and choose File >> Print.

ss-8  Choose the printer you just installed, which will be named "CDIB Copier (room #)."

In the Safari pulldown menu, choose "Xerox Features."

If you don't see this menu, click on the "Show Details" button at the bottom left of the box, or click on the down-arrow button to the right of the printer name.

ss-10 Underneath "Xerox Features," pull down the menu and choose "Advanced."

Click on the "Accounting" button.


In the Accounting box, pull down the "Accounting System" menu and choose "Xerox Standard Accounting or Auditron."

Leave all other options as their defaults, and click OK.

ss-12 Near the top of the printer box, pull down the Presets menu and choose "Save Preset As" or "Save Current Settings as a Preset."

Enter a name that makes sense to you, such as "CDIB B/W Copier" or the room number, and make sure the preset is available for "Only this Printer." Click OK.

You will use this preset each time you print to this copier; the OS should "remember" this choice.

ss14 Each time you print a document to this printer, you will see a pop-up window. Enter your six-digit copy code into the UserID field, and leave the passcode field blank. Click OK to print.

Documents will NOT print if a correct code is not entered.