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Note: the following directions are for OS X 10.5 and higher.  This copier is not compatible with versions of OS X below 10.5.  You can check your OS X version by pulling down the Apple menu at the top left of your screen, and choosing "About this Mac" or "About this Computer."

You can click any screenshot to see a larger version.  (Some messages/boxes may appear slightly different on your computer.)

Please NOTE: Installing the printer is a two step process; please be sure you complete all of the instructions on this page, or the printer will NOT work!  (Shortcut to step 2)



Download the installer from by clicking the appropriate link below:

ss1  Click "Accept" to start the download.
  When the download is complete, double click the "Xerox Print Driver" .DMG file to mount the disk image on your Desktop.
ss2 Open the disk image and double-click the Xerox "package" file.
ss3 Click "Continue" at the permission prompt, and "Continue" again on the introductory screen.
ss4 Click "Continue" on the license screen, and then click "Agree."
ss5 Click "Install," and then enter your Mac password when prompted.
ss6 On the "Select Printer" screen, choose manual discovery by clicking the icon at top right.

In the "IP Address or DNS Name" box, enter the color copier's IP address:

The CDIB-COPIER-MCLM306 device should be discovered.  Click Continue.

Note: if a "Select a Printer Model" pull down box appears instead, choose Xerox WorkCentre 7530.

ss8 You can uncheck both the "Set as default" and "Print a Test Page" options.  Click Continue.
ss9 Click Close at the Installation Successful screen.

Now, continue with step 2 below.
  Open Safari, and select File >> Print.
ss10 Choose the CDIB-COPIER-MCLM306 printer.
ss11 In the "Safari" pulldown menu, choose "Xerox Features."

If you don't see this menu, click on the "Show Details" button at the bottom of the box, or the down-arrow button to the left of the printer name.

ss12 Underneath "Xerox Features," pull down the menu and choose "Advanced."

Click the "Accounting" button.

ss13 In the "Accounting System" menu, choose "Xerox Standard Accounting."  Leave all other options as the default, and click OK.
ss14 Pull down the Presets menu and choose "Save Preset As" or "Save Current Settings as a Preset."
ss15  Enter a name that makes sense to you, such as "CDIB Color Copier," and make sure the preset is available for "Only this printer."  Click OK.  You will use this preset each time you print to the copier; the OS should "remember" this choice.

Each time you print a document, you will see a popup window. Enter your 6-digit copy code into the User ID field (no other fields are needed) and click OK to print.

Documents will NOT print if a correct code is not entered.