GATE LogoJuly 19-21, 2017

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

The Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology (CDIB) in conjunction with the Department of Medical Education announces a professional development course in human gross anatomy with complete dissection for current and future high school and collegiate anatomy educators.  This 3-day course includes lectures and complete dissection of the head, neck, and brain. Educational strategies for anatomy educators will be emphasized throughout.  This course is specifically designed for teachers of anatomy at both the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the contents and organization of the head, neck, and brain.
  2. Relate the gross anatomy of the head, neck, and brain to common medical illnesses that may be of interest to future health professionals.

Who should attend?

Dissection of the human body is a privilege that is often restricted to medical and/or health professional students. Many anatomy educators at the high school and undergraduate level never get the chance to see and touch the actual anatomy that they are teaching. This course is designed to provide that opportunity. This course is specifically for current high school biology/anatomy teachers and undergraduate anatomy faculty at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. Also invited to attend are graduate students and post-docs who plan to teach anatomy at either the secondary or collegiate level. We invite graduate students from both the biomedical science departments and the School of Education.


Course Director
William S. Brooks, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology. Brooks received a Ph.D. in cell biology from UAB in 2007. He has since spent his career as an anatomy educator at both the undergraduate and graduate/professional levels. Brooks taught undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology and Histology for four years. He has been teaching graduate/professional Gross Anatomy since 2011. Brooks currently serves as the Director of Gross Anatomy Lab and Surgical Anatomy Lab at UAB. His research interests are in team-based learning (TBL) and teamwork among health professions students.

Course Faculty
Steven Zehren, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology. Zehren received his Ph.D. in anatomy from the U. of Chicago in 1975.  He has taught professional Gross Anatomy courses at UAB since 1975 and is currently the Course Director for Dental Gross Anatomy and Nurse Anesthesia/Physician Assistant Gross Anatomy.  Zehren also has an interest in comparative anatomy and human embryology.

David Resuehr, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cell, Developmental & Integrative Biology. Resuehr received his Ph.D. in biology from the University of Hamburg in 2004. He then continued his research at Florida State University, where his research began with circadian rhythms and fertility and later became focused on women’s reproductive health, specifically the condition endometriosis. As both a scientist and passionate teacher, Dr. Resuehr first took “Gross Anatomy and Embryology” at FSU and then was accepted into the Vanderbilt University “Scientist Educator Program” where he was trained in gross anatomy instruction for three years. He has since taught anatomy to students of several health science disciplines, including Physical Therapy, Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry and Nursing Anesthesia. One of Dr. Resuehr’ s special interests are imaging techniques and their utility in understanding three dimensional anatomy. He is Director of the Anatomy Lab Teaching Associate Course and Director of Gross Anatomy for Students of Optometry. His research interests are in circadian rhythms and women’s reproductive health and in didactic strategies in adult learning, including computer/web-based applications and team-based learning (TBL) activities.