Putting the CFAR logo on your print and electronic communications connects you to the reputation of the CFAR and UAB.  Whenever possible the CFAR logo should appear in full color.  

CFAR Logo Guidelines:
  • The CFAR logo must be the dominant element of any communication for the UAB Center for AIDS Research.
  • The CFAR logo is to be used for all external advertising and promotions including, but not limited to, posters, flyers, advertisements, and promotion items. 
  • The CFAR logo should appear in full-color whenever possible, in rare cases a solid color logo can be used when the logo is on a dark or colored background.  
  • The white logo should appear when the official UAB green is used as the background.
  • The CFAR "icons" must never appear alone.  
  • Do not stretch or shrink the CFAR logo.
  • The CFAR logo should never appear on a patterned background.

Logos on this page are for demonstration purposes only. Please use the download link below each logo download.  

Core Logos

Click on the logo below to download.  
Core Logos-01

Core Logos-02

Core Logos-03

Core Logos-04

Core Logos-05

Core Logos-06

Core Logos-07

Core Logos-08

CFAR Marks

UAB's Center for AIDS Research “Molecule” Mark can be used as a design element.
  • The Mark does not take the place of CFAR logo
  • It is best used as a watermark or background element
  • It must be in either CFAR red or the washed grey color as seen below.