Core D redThe CFAR Biostatistics and Analysis Services, a component of the Clinical Core,  provide statistical, epidemiologic, health services research and bioinformatics support to CFAR investigators for the development of research proposals including data management and quality control with analyses. This is accomplished by a collaborative team of investigators who provide input on study design and analyses as well as logistical issues and problems impacting the quality and integrity of studies in addition to advice on literature interpretation, assessment of new methodologies and support for studying unique aspects of HIV in the US Deep South. The range of studies include pilot data and phase I clinical trials for drug discovery to pathogenesis, prevention (both primary and secondary) and the "new" natural history of HIV infection in the treatment era. The type of studies include both genetic and non-genetic such as observational designs, clinical research, health services research, health economic modeling and other evaluations such as mixed treatment comparisons, indirect treatment comparisons and causal modeling.

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The Biostatistics and Analysis Component of the Clinical Core is a centralized resource to provide access to statistical expertise and data management to support research programs and projects conducted by CFAR members. The value added to the CFAR scientific mission includes: Statistical design of experiments to efficiently address scientific questions; Sample size estimation to assist investigators in determining study feasibility; Data analysis of preliminary data to be used in hypothesis generation; Secondary data analyses of databases; Guidance in structuring databases to ensure that required data to address scientific issues can be easily retrieved and analyzed; Availability of software resources for statistical and data management purposes. Acquisition of some software is costly, but our experts can utilize software across CFAR members and, in some cases, across other applications, to minimize the costs.


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