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Core H redThe UAB Flow Cytometry Facility is comprised of two locations as a result of a consolidation between the flow cytometry cores of the Center for AIDS Research and the Comprehensive Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Autoimmunity Center. These locations include BBRB (Bevill Biomedical Research Building, room 557) and Shelby (Shelby Biomedical Research Building, room 271). Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art cell sorting and analytical flow cytometry services to support research programs. The facility is made available to all Investigators at UAB and encourages collaborations and synergy.  Specific services and equipment at each location is listed below. Most services are provided at either location. Training, consultation, assisted- and self-serve equipment usage is available.


cfarcoreThe BBRB location provides the following equipment and services:

  • Newest Instrumentation
    • BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer
  • Cell sorting
    • BD FACS Aria
  • Cell analysis
    • BD LSR II GUAVA EasyCyte
  • Bioplex analysis
  • High throughput flow cytometry
    • Hypercyt autosampler
apcfcoreThe Shelby location provides the following equipment and services:

  • Cell sorting
    • BD FACS Aria
  • Cell analysis
    • BD LSR II
    • FACS Calibur
    • FACS Scan
  • AutoMacs
    • MACS Sorter



First Time Users:
Please contact Theresa Newton at thenson@uab.edu to be set up as a user.

Once Ms. Newton confirms that you have been set up, you will receive an email invitation with a link to the Priority Software online scheduling site. This link will provide you with instructions on how to set your password and log in to the scheduler 

You now have Web Access to the BBRB Flow Cytometry Facility or the Shelby Flow Cytometry Facility. Your logon email address is:  blazerid@uab.edu


If you have any questions or problems with the login, please contact Ms. Newton by email or phone: 205-975-7048.

Contact the facilities for questions related to capabilties, training, equipment or scheduling.

Flow Cytometry Web Scheduling


In 2010, the CAMAC (Comprehensive Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Autoimmunity Center) and the CFAR (Center for AIDS Research) Flow Cytometry Cores officially established a partnership through a federal core consolidation grant.  This funding was provided by an ARRA supplemental award (3P30AI027767-22S1, PI: Dr. Michael Saag) to the UAB CFAR. These efforts lead to the purchase of a new 4-laser - 14 parameter FACSAria sorter to the CAMAC Flow Core and an upgrade of the existing CFAR Flow Core FACSAria II sorter. As a result of this consolidation, expanded equipment and services are now provided to all researchers at UAB and beyond. Please see what is available to support your studies below or contact us for more information.

accuri overview The BD Accuri C6 Cytometer system is equipped with a blue and red laser, two light scatter detectors, and four fluorescence detectors with optical filters optimized for the detection of FITC, PE, PerCP, and APC. A compact optical design, fixed alignment, and pre-optimized detector settings make the system easier to use. 

Location: BBRB 557

The HyperCytautosampler allows for high throughput flow cytometric analysis. Samples from 96- or 384 well plates are analyzed in a time resolved manner. The HyperCytautosampler is currently connected to a FACSCalibur, which allows for 3 color analysis.

HTS flow cytometry ideally suited for:
  • Large sample sets from patient studies
  • Hybridoma identification
  • Drug screening
Location: BBRB 557
srv-facsaria The FACSAria is a state of the art cell 4-laser sorter; 4 way sorting of up to 14 parameters is possible. The two machines have different filter and lasers set-ups.
Location: BBRB 557 and SHEL 271
The BioPlex suspension array system offers protein and nucleic acid researchers a reliable multiplex assay solution that permits analysis of up to 30biomolecules in a single sample.
BBRB 557
srv-bdlsr2 The LSR II is a state of the art 4-laser flow cytometer. Analysis can be up to 18 parameters; quantum-dot enabled.
Location: BBRB 557 and SHEL 271*
* An HTS system is available in SHEL 271

FACSCalibur is a 2-laser flow cytometer that can detect up to four colors such as FITC, PE, PE-Cy5, or APC. A carousel system is available for automatic sample collection.
Location: SHEL 271

FACScan is a user friendly flow cytometer that can detect up to three colors such, as FITC, PE, and PerCP or PE-Cy5.
Location: SHEL 271
srv-automacs The autoMACS™ Separator is a bench top instrument for high-speed automated cell sorting (Miltenyi) using magnetic beads. Positive and negative selection possible.
Location: SHEL 271


All Assisted Services Fees: $75 / hour

Self-Service Equipment Costs:
LSR II: $50 / hour
FACScan: $35 / hour
FACSCalibur: $35 / hour
BioPlex analysis: $50 / analyzed plate
HTS fees are negotiated on a per-project basis

Training Fees: Not all training has associated costs. Costs depend on the proficiency of the user and the type of equipment.

Contact the facility directly for more information or to schedule training for specific equipment.

Flow Cytometry Web Scheduling


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Useful Links

A 12 minute video introduction to flow cytometry: A must see for beginners :

Flow Cytometry – A Basic Introduction by Michael G. Ormerod

Practical Flow Cytometry --- Howard Shapiro

A useful Java applet put together by Joe Trotter of BD Biosciences. You can view the excitation and emission spectra of many common fluorescent dyes for help in panel design.

An applet similar to the above that has all of the Invtrogen reagents, as well as common fluorchromes

For FlowJo users: http://flowjo.typepad.com/ 

Excellent information on flow cytometry applications, especially intracellular staining

Invitrogen: The current home of the legendary Molecular Probes materials and lots of other useful information:

Cell Signaling

Millipore GUAVA

Intellicyt --- HyperCyt autosampler for high throughput flow cytometry (available in CFAR Core)

Contact Information

BBRB Location:

Director: Olaf Kutsch, PhD
Manager: Marion Spell, BS
E-mail: mlspell@uab.edu
Phone: (205) 975-3227

Bevill Basic Research Building
Room 557
845 19th Street South
Birmingham, Alabama, 35294

Shelby Location

Director: John D. Mountz, MD, PhD
Manager: Enid F. Keyser, BS
E-mail: efk@uab.edu
(205) 934-1362

Shelby Biomedical Research Building
Room 271
1825 University Blvd
Birmingham, Alabama, 35294