The UAB Infectious Diseases, Global Health, and Vaccines Initiative was developed to promote advancements in scientific discovery and biomedical research in HIV, HCV, Tuberculosis, Host Defense, and Drug Discovery as part of UAB's AMC 21 Strategic Plan. Over the next five years, the plan includes recruiting up to 50 new research faculty to build on UAB's already strong research efforts in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, immunology and transplantation, infectious disease, global health and vaccines, and neuroscience. There is also a push to discover new drugs and a focus on technology with new imaging devices and personalized medicine that would allow patients to sequence their genome and have therapies designed for them. Leaders from the UAB CFAR, the Departments of Microbiology, Pulmonary, Gastroenterology and Medicine are leading this effort in order to develop existing faculty and attract top quality recruits by establishing appropriate infrastructure and support to fully develop these research opportunities. The overarching goal of the AMC 21 plan is to make UAB the preferred academic medical center of the 21st century and ensure that Alabamians have access to the world's best care.

To achieve these objectives, targeted recruitments,upgrading of infrastructure, related symposia and trainings, and RFAs for pilot funds and travel awards are being offered through this initiative. Check the instructions and applications below for more information, including how to apply and deadlines.



Congratulations to students chosen for summer research internships in Durban, South Africa
UAB medical students Alexandria Krauss (MD/PhD program) and Lauren Theiss (MD program) were recently chosen to conduct prestigious research internships in TB at the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH), in Durban, South Africa. Both students will be working for 6-8 weeks in June-August, 2014 in the laboratory of Andries Steyn, PhD. 


The SOM Infectious Diseases, Global Health and Vaccines steering committee is pleased to invite applications for Internship awards for summer research in TB at K-RITH. The purpose of these awards is to foster interactions, develop collaborations and promote postdoctoral opportunities between the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH) in Durban, South Africa. UAB undergraduate, graduate, post-PhD and medical students are invited to apply for this internship at K-RITH.  Students must be in good standing.Individuals selected for this program will receive travel funds and a daily allowance from UAB and laboratory expenses will be covered by K-RITH. Download the RFA for more information. The deadline to submit your application is: March 01, 2014. Internships run for 6-8 weeks in July to August, 2014.

The 5th Southeastern Mycobacteria Conference to be held at UAB
January 24-26th, 2014
Visit the meeting website for more information

Two UAB Students Chosen for K-RITH Summer P

Congratulations to the two students who were chosen for these awards. Jennifer and Nicholas will spend 8 to 12 weeks at K-RITH in Durban, South Africa, this summer.They, along with other students chosen from programs at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard, will have an opportunity to participate in HIV and TB-related research in the new state-of-the-art research facility at K-RITH. Both will work with Adrie Steyn, Ph.D.
-Jennifer Rowland, graduate student in the Dept of Microbiology, a student in Dr. Michael Niederweis’ lab
-Nicholas Eustace
, first year MD/PHD program student.

UAB Faculty receives 2013 K-RITH Pilot Program Travel Funding

Congratulations to Dr. Zdenek Hel, PhD (Assciate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Pathology, Dept of Pathology) on the receipt of a faculty travel award for his project: The role of neutrophils in HIV-1 infection. Dr. Hel will travel for 4 days to KRITH to the laboratory of Dr. Adries Steyn, PhD for work related to this study.

2013 Global Health, Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Pilot Awardees Announced
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2013 pilot awards to stimulate research in global health, vaccines and infectious diseases at UAB. Projects with international components received priority.

Michael Niederweis, PhD
Professor, Dept of Microbiology
Project Title: “Metal Ion homeostasis in human lungs during M. tuberculosis infection”
Zdenek Hel, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology
Project Title: “The role of neutrophil-mediated immune suppression in HIV-1/TB co-infection”
Adries Steyn, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept of Microbiology
                •Project Title: “Microenvironmental Acidosis and Antimycobacterial Drug Resistance”
Charles Turnbough, PhD
Professor, Dept of Microbiology
Project Title: “TB Vaccine Employing Exosporium Antigen Display”

2013 PILOT
The School of Medicine Infectious Diseases, Global Health and Vaccines steering committee invites applications for Pilot Project Awards to either (i) develop collaborative projects between the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and the following:  (i) KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH) in Durban, South Africa, (ii) To develop projects that focus on host-pathogen interactions and the host immune response to pathogens that affect public health and the economic stability of societies. Awards may be used to generate preliminary data that will lead to externally-funded research grant application submissions within 12-18 months.  Collaborative studies between UAB and K-RITH investigators at all levels in the fields of tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS, including preventional sciences, will be given top priority.  Proposals focusing on host-pathogen interactions, vaccination and host immunity to (re)emerging infectious diseases of global concern (i.e., HIV, HCV, TB, SARS, influenza, Dengue, WNV, MRSA, S. aureus, malaria and others) are also encouraged.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Due electronically to Dr. Donna Porter by 5PM Central Time on MONDAY, OCTOBER 7TH, 2013. This RFA is now closed. Check back in spring 2014 for new opportunities
Download the RFA
Download the application / instructions