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Title: Keystone Meeting: HIV Pathogenesis-Virus vs Host
Calendar: CFAR - Upcoming Events
Date: 03/09/2014 - 03/14/2014
Location: Alberta Canada
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This meeting will be focused on the latest breakthroughs in basic and translational HIV research with an emphasis on mechanistic models. It will present a detail tour of all the key steps of virus replication from infection to AIDS. The program seamlessly incorporates key aspects of 1) virus entry/exit into the cell, 2) entry into the host, 3) virus-host genetics and co-evolution, 4) virus-host interactions and responses, 5) pathogenesis, 6) reservoirs, latency and reactivation, and 7) HIV and the microbiome at the mucosa. Strong emphasis will be given to these and other areas well represented in the abstracts submitted. Extensive opportunities for interactions will be provided to benefit from exposure to the concurrent meeting.