CFAR Seminar Series

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The objectives of this monthly seminar series are to provide a forum for presenting and discussing state-of-the-art research findings in HIV pathogenesis, virology, care and treatment. We strive to provide an opportunity for ongoing enhanced communication and multidisciplinary collaboration among HIV/AIDS physician-investigators, molecular virologists, immunologists, microbiologists, clinicians, epidemiologists, behavioral researchers, mathematical modelers, health systems researchers, and others at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and its affiliates. Investigators as well as graduate trainees, fellows and students are encouraged to attend.

The CFAR Seminar Series is held in room 170 of the Bevill Biomedical Research Building at noon. Lunch is provided. Reservations are not necessary.  Speakers are announced via the CFAR listserve announcements, website calendar, Facebook, Twitter and by posting of flyers in research areas around campus.

Bevill Biomedical Research Building (BBRB)
845 19th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35294
Room 170

Other CFAR-supported activities designed to foster collaborations, initiate research in new areas and  promote faculty development are listed below:

1917 Clinical Cohort Meeting

Led by Dr. Jessica Merlin (Infectious Diseases), this dynamic working group is designed to engage investigators from across UAB who are interested in clinical outcomes research.  Resources discussed include the UAB 1917 Cohort, the CFAR-Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS) cohort, the Womens Interagency HIV Study (WIHS) cohort and other related HIV cohorts.  Visit the 1917 Clinic Cohort website for additional information.  Meets most Fridays at 1pm in CCB 147.
Contact Dr. Jessica Merlin to be added to the mailing list.

Virology Discussion Group (VDG)

VDG has been an active working group for those interested in virology, vaccines and immunology research at UAB for over 20 years.  Investigators at all levels are invited to attend (PIs, students, trainees, fellows).  Meetiings are held in Spring Semester. Pizza is provided by the UAB CFAR. 
Contact Bonnie Zarzaur for more information on the schedule and dates.

CFAR Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs)

are charged with developing specific, achievable objectives based on synergies identified between bench scientists, community / behavioral scientists, and clinicians for the study of HIV/AIDS, thus translating the Center’s scientific agenda into action. Investigators at all levels from multiple disciplines constitute CFAR IRGs. Most of these groups are open to new members. Current IRGs include the following but additional groups may be initiated with sufficient interest and leadership. Approval by the CFAR Executive Committee is necessary to develop a new IRG. Contact a group leader for more information.

Dr. Turner Overton-Leader   
CFAR IRG: Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases in HIV

Dr. Janet Turan-Leader   
CFAR IRG: The FRESH (Finding Respect and Ending Stigma around HIV) IRG  (Formerly the  ZamBama IRG)

HIV Providers Meeting

HIV Providers meet regularly to lively case discussions and patient care at the UAB 1917 Clinic. The meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at 12N - 1pm.
For more information, contact Dr. Turner Overton.

Program in Immunology Seminar Series

The CFAR jointly supports this weekly UAB Seminar Series, which is organized by the multi-disciplinary Program in Immunology. This program consists of over 100 UAB Faculty who identify themselves as basic or clinical immunologists and are members of multiple units at UABA desire for excellence on the part of the UAB faculty, coupled with the relative youth of the institution, has promoted a collective attitude of interdepartmental cooperation and collegiality. Use this link to see a listing of speakers in this series, many of which are CFAR members.

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