Cell Model and Assay Core


Kevin L. Kirk, Ph.D.
Established: 2007


The mission of the Cell Model and Assay Core is to improve our understanding of mechanisms underlying cystic fibrosis ion channel dysfunction.

Research Information

The Core has helped identify new pathways for activation of mutant CFTR (including the most common disease-associated mutations). The Core provides epithelial cell lines expressing CFTR and primary murine airway epithelial cells. The Core also assists with patch clamp and single channel analysis relevant to ion channel gating.1

These reagents and assays are funded by resources available from the NIH. Core users are typically associated with the Cystic Fibrosis Research Center, but there is no limitation on who may access the Core.

Contact information

Core Director: Kevin L. Kirk, Ph.D.
Phone: 205-934-3122

1. Additional CF Foundation funding capabilities (provided to Dr. C. Fuller) include histochemical, SPQ, RT-PCR, and other analysis of CFTR complementary to the activities of this Core, and are also available through the UAB CFRC.