Selection of Pilot and Feasibility Awards

The review of CF Pilot Projects is coordinated through the CF Center Internal Advisory Committee. Each review cycle utilizes its own review committee, much like an NIH study section, to judge the scientific merit of applications from different CF-related disciplines. Members of the review committee are appointed/recruited so as to provide one (1) external and two (2) internal reviewers per application. The results of the review committee are forwarded to the CFRC Internal Advisory Committee for further consideration and final decisions. While recommendations at the study section level (i.e., the Review Committee) are made by faculty most qualified to assess the scientific merit of individual proposals, the Internal Advisory Committee considers projects from a more programmatic perspective that incorporates CFRC goals and priorities, and compliance with intra- and extramural guidelines as these relate to the CF Center. Review by the Internal Advisory Committee also helps prevent duplication and promotes cooperation when synergy is recognized among projects, an approach that engenders coordination and collaboration across CF research areas.

Solicitation of Projects

Advertising occurs through a variety of campus-wide publications and internet applications such as The UAB Reporter, the School of Medicine (SOM) web site, faculty emails, announcements posted campus-wide, and other notices. In the past, we have typically received 8-14 internal applications per ‘RFA' with the number of awards depentent upon availability of funds.

Review and Selection of Applications

Applicants are limited to individuals with a UAB faculty appointment. Letters of intent should include: 1) the overall research goal (one paragraph), 2) the Specific Aim(s), 3) the project's significance to CF basic or translational research (one paragraph), and 4) the project's approach (one paragraph). Investigators are also asked to include an updated Biosketch and Other Support form. Letters are used to aid in planning for the review process, arranging expertise of the review committee, and selection of external (non-UAB) reviewers. Projects unrelated to CF basic or translational science do not receive further consideration.

Pilot and Feasibility Program-Application Process

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