Graduate Students

Department faculty contribute to the education of graduate students by participating as course directors, instructors, mentors and hosts of journal clubs. The department’s efforts are led by Laura Timares, Ph.D., Hui Xu, Ph.D., and Nabiha Yusuf, Ph.D. Over the past five years department faculty have averaged 148 didactic credit hours.  Seventeen graduate students have been mentored during this time. Laura Timares, Ph.D. developed an advanced level graduate course on dendritic cells and has served as course director for CMB 778 Dendritic Cell Biology. Nabiha Yusuf, Ph.D. is currently course director and instructor for Cancer Immunology Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS) course 774, cancer biology theme.

Graduate Program Courses

IBS 107, Module 3 Pathology
“Skin Structure, function & development/Cutanteous pathology and therapies”

Tox 711, Principals of Toxicology, Pharmacology and Toxicology
“Skin Structure, function & development”
“Cutanteous toxicology and carcinogenesis”

CMB Innate Immunity, Cell Biology
“Dendritic cells in innate immunity”

MIC 700 Microbiology, The Advanced Course on Autoimmunity
“Dendritic cells and antigen presentation”

GBS740 Introduction to Immunology      
“Dendritic Cells”

GBS 752 Immune System Block
“Dendritic Cells, Immunophysiology of Skin”

GBS 774 Cancer Immunology - Tumor Block
"Dendritic Cells"

GBS 774 Cancer Immunology - Tumor Block
"Polarization of immune cells in tumor microenvironment"


Cancer Research Program (CaRES) for entering or first year medical students

2007, 2008, 2009 Kyle Rudemiller
2009 Josna Haritha, Sam Gentle
2010 Jeffery Singer (MSTP)
2011 Tyler Clement
2012 Ronald Dennis Baxter, Jr.

Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program Rotations

2007 Maureen Cox, George Twitty
2008 Hao Li
2010 Tyrel T Smith

Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Program Rotation

2007 Colleen Martin

Medical Scientist Training Program Rotation

2010 Jeff Singer

Summer in Biomedical Sciences (SIBS) Undergraduate Research Program

2007 Angela Wallace ­–  2nd Place Award 
– UAB Summer Intern Research Poster Session

UAB Dermatology Training Grant Mentor

2007 Erin Thacker, Ph.D. (Division of Human Gene Therapy Fellow)
2008 Kevin Boyd, M.D. (Dermatology Resident)
2009 Aton Holzer, M.D.  (Dermatology Resident)

UAB Clinical And Translational Science Training Program (CCTS)

2009, Yuko Tsruta, M.D., Ph.D.

Graduate student advisory and collaborations

 2009  Matthew Beatty  (CD25-Targeted Adenovirus Vector), Division of Human Gene Therapy

Medical student independent research and scholar activity project

 2009- 2011 Kyle Rudemiller
 2011- 2012 Tarannum Jaleel
2013  Leah R. Strickland, Medical Student, Class of 2015
2014  Mary K. Marchiony, Medical Student, Class of 2015
2013  Leah R. Strickland,3rd place poster, 37th Annual Southeastern Consortium for CME in Dermatology

Junior Faculty Grant Writing (*, awarded)

2010, Farrukh Afaq, Ph.D. UAB Dermatology, R21*

2011-2012, Farrukh Afaq, Ph.D. UAB Dermatology, SDRC Pilot and Feasibility Award*

2011, Farrukh Afaq, Ph.D. UAB Dermatology, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center JFDG Award*

2008 Erin Thacker, Ph.D. UAB Center for Gene Therapy. NIH R01, multiple foundation grants.

2008 Qiana Mathews, Ph.D. UAB Center for Gene Therapy.  NIH K22, R33*,R01*

2011 Jessy Deshane, Ph.D. UAB Pulmonary, SDRC P&F*

Collaborative Grant Writing with UAB faculty (*, awarded)

2013, Farrukh Afaq, Ph.D. UAB Dermatology, R21*

2010 Athar Mohammad, Ph.D. UAB Dermatology, R01*

2010 Craig Elmets, M.D. UAB Dermatology, VA merit Award*

2011 and 2013 Dan Bullard, Ph.D. UAB Genetics, DOD Award and R21

2010 Chander Raman, PH.D. UAB Rheumatology, R21*

2011 Craig Elmets, M.D., UAB Dermatology, RO1, pending submission

Dissertation/Thesis Committee Member

2007 Warren Denning–Mentor: Zdenek Hel, Ph.D., Department of Pathology (Ph.D.)*

2007 Jen-Feng Lai­–Mentor: David Chaplin, Ph.D., Department of Microbiology (Ph.D.) *

2007 Cara Davis–Mentor Jack Lemons, Ph.D., Department of Bioengineering (M.S.)*      

2009 Wen-I Yeh –Mentor Laurie Harrington, Ph.D., Department of Cell Biology (Ph.D.)


* Dissertation or thesis defended and degree awarded.