Research Facilities

volker All of the research facilities are located on the UAB campus within a ten minute walk of each other. The Department of Dermatology occupies almost 10,000 square feet of research space on the fifth floor of Volker Hall.

The laboratories have all of the equipment necessary to conduct in vitro cell culture, molecular biological and in vivo animal studies. They have:

  • four tissue culture rooms equipped with incubators, refrigerated centrifuges, biosafety hoods and microscopes
  • two cold rooms
  • a photobiology laboratory equipped with a variety of UVA and UVB light sources
  • a solar simulator
  • a 672 nm diode laser
  • a radioactive working room equipped with a plate harvester
  • gamma and beta counters.

Other equipment within the Department consists of:

  • a cryostat and microtome for tissue processing
  • Elisa readers
  • gel documentation system
  • high speed and ultra-speed centrifuges
  • liquid nitrogen storage
  • an automatic film processor
  • water purification system
  • a gene gun
  • two shaking incubators
  • -80 degree freezers
  • three thermocyclers
  • gel electrophoresis systems for Western blot and proteomics analysis
    real time PCR
  • plate reader for fluorescence and luminescence
  • HPLC system

There is also:

  • a fluorescence upright and inverted microscope equipped with digital camera and image analysis program
  • manual tissue arrayer to make tissue arrays
  • a 2D gel electrophoresis system and Bio-Rad Molecular Imager FX Pro Plus (four colors) for proteomic analysis
  • two animal rooms in the Animal Resource Facility.