Tissue Resources and Molecular Pathology Core

William E. Grizzle, M.D., Ph. D., Director

The purpose of the Tissue Resources and Molecular Pathology Core is two-fold:

  1. To provide molecular imaging and immunopathology for investigators of the SDRC; and
  2. To collect process, store, and distribute tissues in support of these investigators.

The Core works closely with biostatisticians so that clinical/demographic information can be linked easily with tissue specimens. The Core provides:

  • fresh, frozen, and paraffin preparations of tissues can be supplied as well as unstained tissue slides, tissue matrix arrays, microdissected tissue components, and histology services.

  • investigators with access to methods of morphological and molecular analysis that are difficult for individual projects to support efficiently.

  • light microscopic and immunocytochemical interpretation of animal and human tissues and cytologic materials including methods to detect gene products within transfected cells and adjacent tissues.

Investigators have access to sophisticated techniques usually available only for human pathology, including immunoelectron microscopy and special histology services such as computerized morphometric analysis (CAS200 and BLISS systems) and in situ hybridization. The involvement of diagnostic pathologists ensures that all assays are performed on optimally collected, processed, and diagnosed tissue components.

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