Wendy Cantrell, DNP

Wendy_Cantrell   TKC 3rd Floor
2000 6TH AVE S
BIRMINGHAM AL 35233-0001

Office: (205) 502-9960 (for clinical trial patients only)
Appointments:(205) 996-7546 (SKIN)

Specialty:     Doctor of Nursing Practice specializing in Dermatology
Title:   Doctor of Nursing Practice
School of Nursing:   University of Alabama at Birmingham, B.S., 1996
Graduate Training:   University of Alabama at Birmingham, M.S., in Nursing, 2000
    University of Alabama at Birmingham, DNP, 2011
Licensure:   Alabama Board of Nursing, 1996
Certification:   American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2000
American Nurses Credentialing Center, Family Nurse Practitioner, 2000
Clinical Interests:   General dermatology, clinical trials 


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