Lyn Bradshaw has been selected as the Department of Medicine Employee of the Month LynBradshawfor March 2014!   She was notified Friday, February 28th, by Jason Daniel, DOM Executive Administrator, who was joined by    LaKisha Mack, DOM Operations Administrator, in congratulating Lyn for this honor. Lyn is the Division Administrator in the Division of Nephrology.
 Lyn recently demonstrated her outstanding abilities as an administrator with the move of David and Jennifer Pollock’s research labs to UAB.   Despite unusual challenges, like a flood in one of the division’s buildings, she never missed a beat in her regular responsibilities while ensuring that 11 people could hit the ground running when they arrived at UAB.   There were many complex logistical issues which she handled with a can-do, upbeat attitude.  She was frequently hit with time pressures and ALWAYS came through, anticipating a full array of issues before they occurred.  Lyn's attitude is one that instills comfort in people. Her positive demeanor conveys that there is a solution to any problem, and that everything will end up being okay. Dr. Jennifer Pollock said that from the first time they met Lyn during their first interview, it was abundantly clear that she was very dedicated and loyal to UAB and the DOM.  Lyn's dedication clearly gave the impression that UAB is a place where staff clearly enjoy working, are willing to go the extra mile, and want to be a part of the team. This was one of the many factors that helped in their decision to relocate to UAB—they wanted to be a part of the team. When the Pollock’s staff heard about the DOM Employee of the Month Award, they said, “Lyn must get that!”  

Please join us in congratulating Lyn for being selected as Department of Medicine Employee of the Month for March 2014!   The Division of Nephrology will host a reception in her honor on March 12 at 2:30 PM in the Zeigler Research Building, Room 644.

Think of outstanding employees you know in the Department of Medicine and nominate them for DOM Employee of the Month!   Please send nominations to the Employee of the Month Committee, BDB 420.  See  for the nomination form and further information. 

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