Francine Montgomery has been selected as the Department of Francine EOMMedicine Employee of the Month for August 2014!   She was notified by Jason Daniel, DOM Executive Administrator, and LaKisha Mack, DOM Operations Administrator.  Francine is a Financial Officer in the Department of Medicine Chair’s Office.
 Francine will soon be celebrating her 23rd year in the Chair’s Officewhere she handles a variety of financial and grant-related responsibilities.   Her ability to resolve complex purchasing and accounts payable issues for both UAB and HSF accounts is legendary.   Her careful attention to detail has saved the Department an incalculable amount of money over the years both in cost savings and in efficiency.   Francine wrote the book on customer service.  A lightning fast response time and the utmost diligence and follow-through are well-known aspects of Francine’s standard operating procedure. She has the interpersonal skills needed to make everyone in the Department feel confident in her ability to get the job done in a cheerful but expeditious manner. She is a shining example of what makes our Department great!

Please join us in congratulating Francine for being selected as Department of Medicine Employee of the Month for August 2014!  A reception will be held in her honor and an announcement will be sent later with the details.

Think of outstanding employees you know in the Department of Medicine and nominate them for DOM Employee of the Month!   Please send nominations to the Employee of the Month Committee, BDB 420.  See  for the nomination form and further information.