• See Guidelines and complete information in the Faculty Promotion/Tenure section.
  • Promotion Packet must NOT be bound, stapled or put into a binder (per the Provost’s Office), but we are required this year to use tabbed dividers. Do not staple or gem clip together any groups of pages, e.g. reprints.   Use one binder clip only.  The size limitation is still described in the guidelines as “easily fits into a 1 to 2-inch binder” but DO NOT PUT IN A BINDER.   
  • Must be in SOM format:  
    • Use current, not proposed, rank and title in CV
    • Academic appointments in REVERSE chronological order (list most recent first)
    • Grant support
      • Past and Current
      • Start and End Dates of funding
      • Dollar amount of funding. State whether amount is direct or total dollars awarded for all years.
      • PI of award and your role on award, if not PI
    • Manuscripts, Books/Chapters, Published Abstracts and Oral Presentations
      • Numbered and in chronological order (most recent at end of list)
      • Highlight your name in list of authors (bold or underline)
  • Tenure earning faculty must have two areas of excellence and non tenure earning faculty must have one area of excellence.  Your packet should at least contain summary information illuminating your area(s) of excellence in the research, teaching and/or service sections of the packet. Point out what you have achieved and support it with concise information not included in the CV.   It is also beneficial to include information regarding your activities in the other areas.
  • Write a brief statement summarizing the significance of each reprint.  Think of this as explaining the importance of the article to a scientist from another discipline.

An original and one paper copy is required, but the DOM APTC and SOM Faculty Council will review electronic copies of your packet. When you provide the hard copy documents to the person in your Division responsible for assembling your packet,   whenever possible, also send electronic copies as files printed or saved into the PDF file format.  This greatly improves the viewing fidelity of the document.  Documents that cannot be directly saved as a PDF will be scanned into the PDF format by you or your Division contact.  Divisions will be responsible for uploading final approved electronic copies to the DOM APTC website.  You can generate a PDF file from any Office 2007 or Office 2010 application with a free Microsoft plug-in (contact your IT support).  Otherwise you will need a commercial software tool, like Adobe Acrobat Pro (current version $65) to generate PDF files.  Use section dividers in hard and electronic copies.  A template for section dividers is on the DOM web page. The dividers in the hard copies can be tabbed.  Use light colored paper if you must scan the section dividers for the PDF copy.   

Division Staff

  • All Forms must be complete with correct information
    • “SOM/JHS Promotion/Tenure Candidate Information Sheet” - Word or PDF
      • This must be the top page of the promotion packet.
      • Tabbed Dividers are required this year.
    • Use the most current (updated) forms (on HR SharePoint site)
    • Ensure consistency, e.g., don’t say “Promotion to Assoc Prof with award of tenure” in one place and “Promotion to Assoc Prof, tenure earning” in another.  
  • Do NOT include - Faculty Data Form (FDF) – Should not be included in the promotion packet.  
  • Discuss with Division Director
    • Ensure everyone is on the same page as to the area(s) of excellence for which the candidate is being presented for promotion and/or award of tenure.
    • Letters of evaluation (internal & external)
      • Must state proposed rank and/or tenure status of faculty member, so make sure Division Director’s letter requesting letters of evaluation clearly requests they include this.  See revised template. 
      • If person writing letter of support does not include proposed rank and tenure status, then request that the letter be revised or ask for an addendum stating the proposed rank and tenure status for which the letter was written.
    • Letter from Division Director
      • Must state proposed rank and/or tenure status of faculty member
      • Needs to be specific as to why supporting promotion and/or award of tenure.
      • Needs to be specific as to areas of excellence (1 for non TE and 2 for TE)
      • Needs to be strong as to why this faculty member is ready for promotion/tenure
    • Developing and uploading PDF file of each promotion packet:  
      • The APTC and the Faculty Council now use electronic images of the promotion packets for their reviews.  Divisions will be responsible for creating the PDF version of the promotion packet and uploading it to the DOM SharePoint site.  Any pages that exist electronically, like a CV in a Word document, can be printed directly to PDF.  The image quality will be far superior to a scanned copy and much easier for the reviewers to read.  Paper documents, like signed letters of support, will continue to be scanned and the various documents combined into one exact copy of the original promotion packet and uploaded to the DOM SharePoint site. More information about the process of combining PDF documents, bookmarking them, optimizing file size, and uploading the promotion packet to the DOM SharePoint website can be found in this document: Creating & Uploading Promotion Packets.

The Division personnel responsible for assembling the promotion packets will need:

  • Acrobat Pro version 9.00 or later
  • Expertise in inserting pages in PDF documents, inserting bookmarks, and optimizing file size
  • Scanner with a document feeder


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