International Medical Students Sponsorships

The website intends to streamline the process for the International Medical sudents looking for sponsorships at UAB Department of Medicine. The following workflow is the only approved method of obtaining sponsorship.
  1. The foremost criteria is to find a sponsor before beginning the application process.
  2. The available Medicine courses/rotations currently accepting sponsorships can be found at Course Catalog.
  3. Each available rotation/course has contact information listed for official communication.
  4. Once you decide a course/rotation, email directly the course contact person at the sponsoring division (from the Course Catalog). Please avoid sending emails to other sources as it may delay the application process.
  5. The application process is governed by UAB School of Medicine's Visiting Students Guidelines.
  6. Please note that this workflow is not applicable to physicians looking for Observership. In such cases, please contact Tammy  S Pickens at