EOM Adamson CHI7085 cropKelly Adamson has been selected as the Department of Medicine Employee of the Month for January 2017! Kelly is responsible for coordination of the fellowship program in the Division of Hematology and Oncology.

Kelly has been the fellowship program administrative coordinator for three program directors and has managed to keep them all on track. She works closely with Dr. Lisle Nabell and provides superior service to the 12 fellows in the Division. Kelly is known for her incredible initiative, resourcefulness, and boundless good will. She is always looking for ways to improve processes and willingly accepts new responsibilities and challenges. Kelly is a truly thoughtful person and quietly brings up initiatives and then potential solutions before she addresses the problem.

EOM Adamson notifyOne example of her creativity is the annual fellowship event where graduates are honored and new fellows are introduced. Throughout the year she collects all manner of details concerning memorable moments in the lives of the fellows and artfully places these in a well-orchestrated slide show that holds the attention of all the attendees with humor and fond remembrances.

Kelly is a people person and is well liked by all. She presents a very positive image for the Division in all her dealings with her customers, whether internal or external. The fellows all see her as an indispensable resource. She has a sincere approach and a ready smile. Dr. Nabell states, “She really is the poster child for the model employee. She is a thoughtful person and always looks to move the needle to make us better, but never seeks compliments or grandstands.”

Please join us in congratulating Kelly Adamson for being selected as Department of Medicine Employee of the Month for January 2017! 

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