Who is the HelpDesk

How do I request Help?
The HelpDesk ("DOPM HelpDesk") is located in MT-403 (previously in MT-111), and consists of:

  • Byron Chancellor (Manager)
  • David Clabough (System Admin)
  • Rich Searles (Technician)
  • Lisa Schwaiger (Admin and Tech Support Triage)
  • Adim Premani (Student Tech) -- pronounced "Adeem"'
  • Andrew Whitfield (Student Tech)
 adim    andrew
Adim   Andrew

What we do: Tech Support (basically anything computer-related that is not programming)

To contact the HelpDesk:    email dopmHelp@uabmc.edu or call 205-934-7662

Requests to the HelpDesk that will require a purchase of some kind (equipment or software) should…

  • …be emailed by a person who has money they can spend, and
  • …include the account number that will pay for the request.

The Helpdesk is different than the Programmers Group

The Programmers Group (Dave Hilgendorf, Vandana Manne and Guo-Qiang Zhu) is NO longer part of the HelpDesk (as of January 2013).  
Instead, they are located in MT-401, under the supervision of Dr Bae.  
To contact the Programmers Group, use this form: (located at https://www.uab.edu/medicine/dopm/bbsf-service-request/programming-request-form)