Therapeutic Hypothermia Team

The UAB Therapeutic Hypothermia Team is composed of faculty members in the Department of Emergency Medicine. The team is on call 24/7 to assist with the initiation and maintenance of therapeutic hypothermia in post-cardiac arrest patients. 

Hyperbarics and Wound Care Center

The new Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Program clinic at UAB Hospital provides hyperbaric treatment for chronic wounds that won’t heal or for infected acute wounds following surgical procedures. It is also the only hyperbaric chamber facility in Birmingham to offer around-the-clock emergency care. The center is staff primarily by emergency physicians with specialized training in hyperbarics and wound care.

Clinical Decision Unit

The Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is a dedicated observation unit run exclusively by emergency physicians in our department and designed to efficiently and effectively treat patients who require short stays following their emergency department visit. Dr. Jeremy Thomas, Medical Director for the University Emergency Department, is also Director of the CDU.

Medical Emergency Team (MET)

Several of our faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine are active members of the MET staff. The Medical Emergency Team consists of two specially trained nurses and a physician. The team is prepared to provide rapid response at a moment’s notice, bringing expertise and assistance to patients experiencing a sudden change in condition or a life-threatening situation. MET is called for emergent procedures such as endotracheal intubations and the team responds to all code blues, providing ACLS expertise and guidance.

Critical Care Transport

Critical Care Transport is a hospital based, inter-facility transport program for patients in the United States and world wide that require transport from one medical facility to another. Critical Care Transport has been providing medical transports for more than 30 years and has transported more than 42,000 patients. Jet aircraft intensive care units provide top-notch support during long-distance patient transports. For local transports, Critical Care Transport has three mobile intensive care units that maintain sophisticated, uninterrupted ICU care. Kevin Barlotta, a faculty member in the UAB Department of Emergency Medicine, is the Medical Director.

Talladega Motor Speedway

Dr. Bobby Lewis, a faculty member in the UAB Department of Emergency Medicine, is Medical Director for the Talladega Motor Speedway. During major events, several DEM faculty and residents are recruited to provide emergency medical care to drivers and fans. The medical facilities include a central medical building, structured like an emergency room but in the middle of the speedway, and several satellite buildings.