International Emergency Medicine Fellowship

The International Medicine Fellowship is a branch of both the UAB Department of Emergency Medicine and of the Department of Global Health. Its purpose is to improve the delivery of emergency health care in the context of the developing world. The fellowship is open to any graduate of an accredited emergency medicine residency who desires to acquire the skills to treat patients in resource-limited environments, train indigenous practitioners in the practice of emergentology, and improve the quality of medicine internationally.

Fellowships are either one or two years and duration, and require public health training to the completion of a Global Health Certificate (1 year fellows) or a Masters in Public Health (two year fellows). This is in addition to attending responsibilities at UAB Emergency Department and Highlands Emergency Department.

International medicine fellows will learn the craft of emergency medicine in the developing world through a multifaceted curriculum. This includes coursework in tropical medicine through the Gorgas Diploma Course in Lima, Peru, refugee medicine through the Humanitarian Response Intensive Course through Harvard Humanitarian Institute, as well as other elective coursework in such specialty areas as tropical ultrasound, Asian Clinical Tropical Medicine Course in Mahidol, Thailand, Events Medical Leadership Training, and other possibilities.

In addition to coursework, fellows will work at clinical sites. Previous fellows have worked in Panama, Kenya, Thailand, Cambodia, Ghana, Guinea, Peru, Uganda, The Gambia. In addition to the practice of medicine in these locations, fellows are required to engage in meaningful research, education of medical personnel, quality improvement projects, and other global health initiatives.

As emergency physicians and international medicine practitioners, the faculty advisors and fellows who participate in this program are passionate about providing and improving quality emergency medical care in all possible contexts. Please contact the Department of Emergency Medicine at UAB for more information or to apply. .

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Please feel free to contact one of the fellowship co-directors, Dr. Marty Vander Noot ( or Dr. Scott Irvine (, for more details.