REGARDS-Sepsis Study

The REGARDS-Sepsis study will identify individual and community-level risk factors for sepsis, as well as strategies to prevent sepsis and reduce its high mortality. Emergency Medicine and Public Health researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) are conducting this 5-year study which is supported by a grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is a dangerous syndrome of systemic inflammation triggered by serious infections such as pneumonia, kidney infection, cellulitis and meningitis, among others. Sepsis may injure vital organs, resulting in shock and death. Sepsis is a major threat to the health of US communities, resulting in 570,000 emergency department visits, 750,000 hospitalizations and 215,000 deaths in the US annually— more than from acute myocardial infarction, lung cancer or breast cancer. As depicted below, a “belt” of excess sepsis mortality exists in the Southeastern US. 



What is the REGARDS Study?

The NIH-funded REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) study is one of the largest ongoing national cohort studies of community-dwelling individuals in the US. Encompassing representation from all regions of the continental US, the REGARDS study includes 30,000+ individuals >45 years from across the nation. The purpose of the REGARDS project is to understand why people in some parts of the country develop more strokes than people in other parts of the country, and why blacks develop more strokes than whites. 

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What is the REGARDS-Sepsis Study?

Current clinical initiatives focus on the acute resuscitation and care of individuals suffering from sepsis. However, very little information exist to identify the individuals most vulnerable to this life-threatening condition. The REGARDS-Sepsis study will address this knowledge gap by determining the clinical and sociodemographic risk factors for sepsis onset and death in the REGARDS cohort. 


Grant Support:

  • NIH-NINR R01 NR012726 (REGARDS-Sepsis Study)

  • NIH-NINDS U01 NS041588 (Parent REGARDS Study)

  • UAB Lister Hill Center for Health Policy Intramural Pilot Grant (no number assigned)

  • UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences Intramural Pilot Grant (no number assigned)

  • UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (NIH-NCCR & NCTAS UL1TR000165)