Shadowing Opportunities for Undergraduates

The UAB Department of Emergency Medicine seeks to provide an environment that teaches the reward of caring for patients in an emergency department setting, an area unique in our hospital. Our priority is first to medical trainees within UAB, including all UAB School of Medicine (SOM) students, house staff, fellows and those in other healthcare units within the SOM. We also recognize we can provide meaningful opportunities to learn and experience the depth and breadth of emergency medicine to UAB undergraduates.

Opportunities for undergraduate students to shadow are limited based on faculty availability. The addition of learners from outside of our department and the SOM must not negatively impact the learning of individuals within the SOM. Faculty who opt to have a student shadow them during a clinical shift must also ensure the dual mission of trainee education and patient care is not compromised.

Ideal months to shadow are November thru June due to residency recruiting efforts in July thru October.  Please contact Adrienne Fowler at for more information regarding shadowing. 

Medical students who are attending other colleges of medicine should refer to: Visiting Student Elective via the UAB SOM Office of Student Affairs and Registration: SOM Visiting Student Application