Marlis M. Richardson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Louisville in the field of Recreation Management where she was an active volunteer with Special Olympics and also worked in various settings such as the Unified School District in Los Angeles, California, community centers,  and Department of Parks and Recreation.

With an inclination to help others, in combination of her interests in physical fitness, Marlis became one of the first female fire fighter recruits in the Los Angeles City Fire Department, proving that with strength and determination, anything is possible.  Leading an active lifestyle is an important component in her everyday life.

Her current interest in exercise and aging is prompted by the ability her father had, riding a bicycle through town at 85 years old and on the opposite spectrum, learning the damaging effects both mentally and physically from debilitating diseases with respect to her mother’s rare illness. 

Among other things, gardening and animal rescue keep her busy in a meaningful way.    Marlis is a proud mother of 2 young adults.