National Exercise Clinical Trials Network

Purpose: Exercise profoundly influences virtually all aspects of human biology; yet major knowledge gaps remain (e.g., dose-response relationships; exercise-drug/device interactions; response heterogeneity, exercise genomics, and personalized medicine; disease and population specificity; and bio-behavioral mechanisms of adherence and behavioral change). Addressing these knowledge gaps demands rigorous, large-scale, research. NExTNet was therefore established to facilitate multi-site exercise clinical trials, including Phase III equivalent trials, to address these knowledge gaps in a disease-specific or population-specific manner. Currently 54 institutions from coast to coast are members of the growing network (see map). Click each site on the map for member information.

Among NExTNet’s primary functions is to foster standardization of procedures for rigorous multi-site trials. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Center for Exercise Medicine serves as the NExTNet Coordinating Center.

The NExTNet REDCap Database for members catalogues detailed contact information, expertise, capabilities, and equipment inventories for testing cardiopulmonary function, neuromuscular function, body composition, and metabolites; resistance training; endurance or interval    training; and important ancillary services.

NExTNet REDCap Database     Pediatric Exercise Research Center

Researchers discuss exercise clinical trials at NExTNet meeting

On Feb. 4 and 5, 2014, Marcas Bamman, Ph.D., director of the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine hosted the first face-to-face meeting of the newly implemented National Exercise Clinical Trials Network (NExTNet). The meeting attracted exercise medicine researchers from around the country to discuss “knowledge gaps” in how exercise affects human biology, and in turn, health and medical treatment. NExTNet represents 49 institutions from coast to coast, members of a growing network aimed at standardizing procedures for multi-site clinical trials. An expanding NExTNet database for the group’s members serves as an inventory of equipment for testing, services, and expertise.

Power Point Presentations of Meeting

Survey_Summary 2013

NExTNet Pics from Marlis17
Front left to right: William Kraus, Jane Senior, Charlotte Peterson, Christian Roberts, Frank Booth,
Amanda Boyce, Marcas Bamman, Marlis Richardson; Catrine Tudor-Locke, Michael Brown, Shlomit Aizik 
Back left to right: Thomas Buford, Lynette Craft, Joseph Houmard, John Jakicic, Tim Lightfoot
Wendy Kohrt, Scott Trappe (not shown)