Pre-Doctoral Training Program
**Currently accepting applications**

Program Title: Interdisciplinary Training in Pathobiology and Rehabilitation Medicine

Grant Number: 1T32HD071866

Sponsor: NIH National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research


The overarching goal of this training program is to develop future leaders in translational rehabilitation research who are specifically equipped to test and disseminate novel rehabilitative strategies that will alleviate functional impairment and compromised life quality in the face of chronic disease management. Exercise medicine is a major focus of this training program.


·         UAB predoctoral student in good standing in a relevant graduate program. This training program is designed primarily for predoctoral students preparing to enter the second year of training.

·         Interest in translational research ranging from mechanisms of disease pathobiology to rehabilitation strategies (e.g., exercise medicine, experimental therapeutics, device development).

·         U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Support Provided to each Trainee:

·         Stipend (maximum of two years) in accordance with current NIH guidelines for predoctoral stipend levels

·         Translational research mentoring team

·         60% of tuition and fees

·         Health insurance

·         Supplies for research and educational purposes

·         Travel expenses for one national meeting per year (maximum allowable determined annually based on available funds)

Core Levels of Inquiry:

·         Cellular and molecular pathobiology of disease

·         Rehabilitation science and exercise physiology

·         Rehabilitation medicine (i.e. clinical trials)

*Most trainees will be actively engaged in research across two or more core levels

Areas of Concentration:

·         Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders

·         Cardiometabolic Diseases

*Cross-cutting themes with training opportunities include cancer and aging

Application, Review, and Selection:

1. Applicants should submit the following in a single PDF file to

         a. Applicant letter of interest and CV (including GRE score, graduate GPA, and undergraduate GPA)

         b. Recommendation letters from:

               i.   Applicant's graduate theme or program director

               ii.  Applicant's primary mentor

         c. Primary mentor's NIH biosketch, including mentoring history

         d. Primary mentor's Other Support document

         e. No more than 2-page document with the following headings:

               i.   Specific aims of the research plan (we recognize this will be a preliminary plan that may change)

               ii.  Applicant's career goals

               iii. Relevance to T32HD071866

2. Applicants will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, followed by interviews of the top candidates
3. Selected candidates will prepare an Individual Development Plan with the primary mentor and translational mentoring team. To learn more about the primary mentors and their research programs, click here.


Program Director:

Marcas M. Bamman, PhD

Professor, Departments of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology, and Medicine

Director, UAB Center for Exercise Medicine

Executive Committee:

David Standaert, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology

David Brown, PT, PhD, Professor and Director, Rehabilitation Science predoctoral program

Lou Dell’Italia, MD, Professor, Division of Cardiovascular Disease, Department of Medicine

Amie Jackson, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation