The G. Gayle Stephens, M.D. Award is presented annually in honor of Dr. Stephens’ contributions to the field of family practice. Dr. Stephens was a pioneer in family medicine, having founded one of the first family practice residency programs in the US in Wichita, Kansas in 1969. He later served as the first Dean of the School of Primary Medical Care at Huntsville, Alabama. He then was appointed Chairman of the UASOM Department of Family Medicine and became Professor Emeritus of Family and Community Medicine upon his retirement in 1988. Dr. Stephens still lives in Birmingham, traveling and writing extensively for Family Medicine publications.

Students selected to receive this award embody the qualities and principles that Dr. Stephens stood for throughout his career in family practice, both in education and clinical care. Specifically, they must demonstrate a superior attitude in interpersonal relationships, exemplary professionalism, overall superior academic performance, high leadership qualities, and the desire to pursue family medicine as a career. The process includes nomination by a clinical preceptor, followed by departmental faculty review and final selection by an Awards Committee appointed by the Chairman. Award recipients receive relevant educational items.

1987-1988: William Thomas Redwood, MD *     2001-2002: Sharon T. Browning, MD *
Jeremy D. Goodwin, MD*
Nicholas T. Gaffga, MD
1988-1989: Debora S. Reiland, DO * 2002-2003: James D. Franklin, III, MD
1989-1990: William Thomas Redwood, MD * 2003-2004: Amanda Leigh Barron, MD
1990-1991: Robert L. Bartemus, DO * 2004-2005: David Colin Williams, MD
1991-1992: Michael A. Mueller, MD *
Jack A. Davidson, MD
2005-2006: Jennifer Betty Clem, MD
1992-1993: Michael B. Faircloth, MD *
Amy Leigh Adams, MD
2006-2007: Jason Thomas Cook, MD
1993-1994: Michael W. Swearingen, DO *
William Ryan McWhorter, MD
2007-2008: Neha Bansi Shah, MD
1994-1995: Michael W. Swearingen, DO *
Heather C. Armstrong, MD
Windy N. Tipton, MD
2008-2009: Layla Olivia Smith, MD
1995-1996: Robert S. Gilbert, DO *
Robert B. Calhoun, MD
2009-2010: Jonathan Gregory Meiman, MD
Samuel Grey Tilden, MD
1996-1997: Peter S. Lane, DO *
Lee Anne Bankaitis, MD
2010-2011: Jeremy Alan Hawkins, MD
1997-1998: Scott L. Twilley, DO *
J. Chris Anderson, MD
2011-2012: Julie Anne Turner, MD
1998-1999: Scott L. Twilley, DO *
English Hairrell Gonzalez, MD
1999-2000: Monica S. Quinn, DO *
April D. Lucas, MD
2000-2001: John M. Buchanan, DO *
Jeremy D. Goodwin, MD *
Whitney L. Stark, MD

* Denotes recipient was Family Medicine Resident

The Leroy L. Holt, MD Faculty Teaching Award was presented annually from 1980 to 2002 in honor of Dr. Holt's contributions to family practice. For 17 years, Dr. Holt served with distinction as a faculty member in the Department of Family and Community Medicine (1980-1997). For another five years, until 2002, he continued to serve as a consultant for the Family Practice Residency Program, taking time from his busy private practice to assist residents on site in the Family Practice Center. In 1994, Dr. Holt was selected by residents and medical students as Outstanding Faculty of the Year for Family Medicine. It was only fitting that when the department instituted the Faculty Teaching Award, it was named in his honor.

Faculty who received this award went through a nomination process with the final selection being made by residents in the Family Medicine Residency Program.  Recipients embody all of the qualities and principles that Dr. Holt exemplifies in family practice education and clinical care.

1989-1990: T. Michael Harrington, MD      1996-1997: Michael P. Meyer, MD
1990-1991: William F. Fulcher, MD MEd 1997-1998: Robert E. Kynerd, MD
1991-1992: Frederic H. Thanel, MD 1998-1999: Melissa B. Black, MD
1992-1993: Robert E. Kynerd, MD 1999-2000: William F. Fulcher, MD MEd
1993-1994: Robert E. Kynerd, MD 2000-2001: Robert E. Kynerd, MD
1994-1995: LeRoy L. Holt, MD 2001-2002: T. Michael Harrington, MD
1995-1996: Michael P. Meyer, MD Robert E. Kynerd, MD
Peter S. Lane, DO
Cynthia Moore-Sledge, MD
Beverly A. VonDer Pool, MD
Truus Delfos-Bronner, CRNP