The rural medicine programs are optional clinical experiences that allow students at all stages of training to experience family medicine in a rural setting.  The definition of “rural” is defined as a city or town of 25,000 or less. Stipends funded by the Alabama Family Practice Rural Health Board are available for students traveling to rural areas.

The Pathway Program is a four week clinical experience that is provided for pre-matriculation, MS1 and MS2 students.  It is facilitated by our rural community volunteer preceptors.  Selection for this program is by application only. A stipend is provided for the student through a grant from the Alabama Family Practice Rural Health Board.  To learn more, contact us here.

The Rural Medicine Selectives (MS3) and Rural Medicine Electives (MS4) are clinical experiences in a rural setting that are available for UAB School of Medicine students in their third and fourth year of training. These are two to four weeks in duration, and are facilitated by our community volunteer faculty.  for more information and to request placement, contact Gwen Williams at