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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers to them. If you do not see your question, please contact IT.

Q. Can I check my email while I am away from the office?
A. Yes. Simply click on the "Check your E-mail" link on the left navigation bar. Then use your e-mail address for your username and your Genetics password. This will only work for individuals who have a Genetics e-mail account. If you are using a central e-mail service, please go to or for help.

 As an UAB employee, do I have access to software for home use?
A. Yes. If you go to, you can download software allowed under agreements between UAB and software vendors.

 I am a Macintosh user, and I would like the latest operating system upgrade. Does the department supply that?
A. No. Macintosh operating system upgrades are not provided by either the campus or the department. They may be purchased at discount from Apple. Simply go to UAB's store at Click on Education under More Stores, and follow the prompts.

 I have a personal computer that needs work. Can I get it worked on here?
A. Personal machines are the owner's responsibility. Only UAB or HSF purchased computers are the responsibility of the department's IT.

 My system is giving me an error message. What should I do?
A. Write down the exact message, time, and what you where doing, and if necessary the application that displayed the message. Then contact us via phone or e-mail.